Kokoist Certification Course

Online with Paola Ponce

Maximize your use of the Kokoist Brand by getting to know its core products thoroughly during this week-long virtual group class event.

Students of this certification get to pre-enroll into our April Nail Thoughts Online Certification Class! 


Key Details At A Glance:


  • Enrollment Period: March 7th @ 8pm ET – March 21st at 10pm ET
  • CERTIFICATION WEEK: March 24th-April 1st
  • A nail tech license is not required, but some knowledge or experience in gel nails is recommended
  • There are 2 Levels in the Kokoist Certification Training, Premier & Excel Certification
  • One real hand (yours or model) free of product is required
  • The class fee does not include products

To receive certification, students must submit their assignments by the deadline of April 1st @ 11:59pm ET..

Kokoist Products are required, and must be bought separately. A 20% class code is issued for individual items after enrollment.

Course Description:



This level goes live on Sunday, March 24th @ 8am ET.

Level 1 includes 8 lessons and we’re kicking things off by taking you through the founding of Kokoist products, a Kokoist Products debrief and some important gel nail fundamentals.

Then you’ll be off to step-by-step instruction of:

➢Manual Nail Prep

➢Caring For Your Gel Nail Brushes

➢Mega Stick Base Gel Manicure 

➢Full Coverage Tips (Gelip) Application

➢French Tip

+ and a few more tips and lessons I’ve learned after working with this brand for 6+ years!LEVEL


This course goes live on Monday, March 25th @ 8am ET.

Level 2 includes 8 lessons, and in this second day of training your gel nail skills will be leveled-up!

We’ll go all in, step-by-step into:

➢ Rebalancing Gel Nails

➢Platinum Bond Duo Structured Overlay

➢Excel Builder Structured Overlay

➢Free-Form Extensions

➢ Japanese Gel Removal

➢Various step-by-step lessons of advanced nail art techniques 

+ troubleshooting tips on how to master common issues with gel.


How Do I receive Certification?

You will receive two physical certificates, a Premier Certificate and an Excel Certificate, upon completion of the following:

  • You must use Kokoist products for your recreations. You’ll receive access to our 20% off Kokoist class code after enrolling
  • Submit a portfolio assignment by the deadline
  • Pay a $15 processing fee (paid by me for all on-time portfolio submissions!)
  • If you do not complete a portfolio, you do not qualify to receive your certificates, and there’s a $50 fee to rejoin next season.
We will make an attempt to print & ship international student’s certificates, however, under some circumstances beyond our control this may not be possible. Neither Kokoist or Paola offer digital certificates for this program.

This Certification Is For You If:

  • You want to specialize in using Kokoist!
  • You want to maximize your use of the Kokoist Brand by getting to know all of the core products
  • You want to learn this brand together with a group of highly-enthusiastic stylists
  • You are continuously having lifting issues using Kokoist products, and want to master them
  • You want to be part of one of the funnest online learning experiences within our industry!

What happens During Certification Week?

Every student will have their own unique login. Our courses will be pre-recorded for the convenience of anyone to join at any time, and from any place. This also allows our students the convenience to watch and re-watch in high quality video and audio! (BTW you’ll have a total of 30 day-access to watch, and re-watch at your convenience!)

However!… I’m super excited to meet you all in  a LIVE Q&A session scheduled for March 27th @ 7:00 pm ET (Video on please! I want to see you, and of course… class photo!)

We had a blast last time being live with our students and we cannot wait to jump on LIVE for Homework Q&A and Cocktail-Coffee hour again!

There will be homework (as hinted above… 😁), and a deadline for this, but you’ll get a full debrief on the details after enrolling.

… and a few other little surprises!

Last Few details:

Here’s everything included in your class fee:

Certificate processing, detailed portfolio feedback, 30 day access to the program, one LIVE Q&A, community group support, 20% off regular priced Kokoist Products, and the opportunity to win awesome prizes!

Class fee is fully refundable until 03/23/2024, and 50% refundable if requested on 03/24 or 03/25. Absolutely no refunds, after 03/25/2024. Email us at support@paolaponcenails.com

Please visit kokoistusa.com for product concerns, replacements, or refunds related to products.

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