Compare premium structure gels with my comparison guide.

Japanese Gel Comparison Guide

A comparison chart of my 3 favorite Japanese Gel Nail Brands: Kokoist, Leafgel, & Vetro- based on 5+ years of using them!

Compatible gels, sizes, and pricing.

PLUS: How many sets each core gel allows you to create!

Don’t know what to buy? Or which products to responsibly mix and match? Then, this chart is for you!


An indispensable resource for Japanese Gel specialized nail stylists! 

Bonuses Included:

#1: Bonus Column: How many sets does each core gel yield !

That's right! Our team sat down, and painted, and painted some more, and painted again and again to give you a good approximation of how many sets (of 10 natural medium-length nails) a core gel can yield. We used one brand of gels (Leafgel) to gather our estimations, and then compared consistencies and quantities of the other two brands to give you a good guess-timation!

#2: Bonus Chart: Top 10 color faves from each brand !

Worry no more on whether or not a color will sit in your drawers un-used. I put together this additional chart in this guide detailing the 10 color favorites, not based on feels... but rather on what clients choose over and over again!

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