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Day-By-Day Planner Sheet

When I worked as an independent nail stylist in the salon, I really enjoyed having a printed hand-written schedule of all of the clients coming in for today. I also liked to write next to their name, their payment so that I could keep track of what I was grossing through out the day (a little energy boost you can say). I then would add all payments to get a total for the day. And no matter the amount, each day I left the salon feeling so much gratitude for being able to earn a living as my own boss, doing something I enjoyed doing.

Then I became an online educator and things got really busy. At the core of my business, are my home priorities (wife, mommy, house-repeat). I knew that I had a new career with major flexibility, but in order to get it all done, and not abuse this flexibility, I would have to stay organized and focus.

I created the Day-by-Day Planner Sheet after buying planner after planner, and struggling to find the one that really encouraged me to literally… Take care of business. 

And now you too can get access to this sheet so that you can print as many pages as you need and take care of business exactly how I do it. It is designed with the nail tech and content creator in mind.  


This is a digital download.

Once you receive the access link to download it. You can send it to print at your local office supply store. Pick up a cup of coffee and get focused for your most productive days. Maybe your new Monday ritual? No wasted paper, as you can date the pages yourself. As a digital planner you can use a PDF annotation app.


By buying this digital download you are also helping us fund our physical planner project! – Thank you.

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