Press-On Sizing
Mini Training

In this 15 minute video training you will learn the two ways successful press-on business owners are choosing to size their clients for a perfect fit each time.

No sizing debacles, ever again. These two methods of sizing press-ons remove the burden of error from off of your shoulders, so that you can focus on the task you were hired for- designing a stunning set of press-on nails!


An indispensable resource for press-on business owners! 

Key Things You Will Learn:

#1: The two ways that surpass any other method of sizing your client for press ons

Imagine, you just spend 2 hours custom designing a beautiful 10 piece set of press ons for your client, and once she gets them, 1 or 2 do not fit- Shoot me!

#2: The exact words you will use to transact with new prospects once they've reach out to make their first order with you!

So your new prospect is in your inbox, pretty much asking where to pay. What do you say when you don't know her sizing? Surely you don't want to lose the sale, right? No worries, I have you covered with the exact words you should say!

#3: 5 Key benefits and strategies to take your two sizing methods and use them for a selling opportunity.

... And no, not like a sales-y used car sales man. The fact that you are now talking sizing with a prospect is a great big sign that, she's just right there at the cusp of placing their orders with you. You'll use your sizing options (which ever one you go for) to help them convert easily into a client.

#4: You can use the second sizing mehod as your premium sizing kit!

Meaning, you can use this second sizing method for easily making $40 with a new client.

#5: How to use your second sizing option to grow your audience

I know- what!? I thought this class was just about sizing press-ons? Well, I like to stretch a dollar, and I thought you would too, so enjoy this little audience-growth secret!

Don't Miss This special opportunity!

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