Create your own digital product for passive sales.

Passive Beauty Income

A step-by-step guide to help you create and launch your own digital product for passive income in 30 days or less.

This playbook will help you craft a simple digital product, like a digital guide or pre-recorded class, for you to sell passively using Instagram and email.

Debuting at a price of only $197

Enrollment closes Feb, 8th @ 10pm ET.


The resource you need for more sales and freedom away from the nail table.

This course is for you if...

#1 You wish you could earn more without having to take on more clients

Having a roster of clients eagerly waiting to hold hands with you for a mani is quite the blessing, but your aching body is second guessing whether the stress of it all is worth it.

#2 You would like to earn income passively with your own digital education

Perhaps you're thinking of becoming an educator, but being a brand educator and hosting in-person events it's just a little too intimidating at this time for you... and sounds like more work and stress added to the load you already carry as a solo nail tech.

#3 You feel vulnerable having only your nail client income and would like a financial security buffer

Being the income generating machine for your business means that if you get sick or injured, your business stops making money. Start building a digital income with your own digital products protect your career and take more vacations by learning how to create one simple digital product.

Everything taught step-by-step

You'll get the detailed 20 steps to help you create one digital product from scratch

This Playbook comes with lifetime access and is designed to be DIY, go at your own pace.
Each step can be taken a day at a time, and this digital guide has been crafted to be super digestible and easy to follow even if you're not feeling super tech savvy.

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