Fast! Rebalance

The step-by-step process and money-making tips to help soft gel specialists refresh a set of gel nails within the same time frame of a new set.

Delivered in a pre-recorded format, along with a checklist to guide you every step of the way.

Plus! Join me and your class for one 90 minute LIVE virtual Review + Q&A Session.

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Key Details At A Glance:

Even though your retention game is strong, you’re stressed during the removal process because…

  • You’re unsure of how much lifting you’ll find underneath the nails
  • You’re not sure how much gel to remove
  • Shortening and reshaping takes you oh-so long
  • You’re struggling to remove smoothly and evenly before re-application

Here’s the thing…


Fills were my least favorite, yet my most popular service.

But I wasn’t going to do work I didn’t love.

Which is why I decided to unsubscribe from everything I was taught about “fills” in the industry, and created my own process to refresh my clients’ nails along with my love for doing nails.

OUT with charging less, and taking longer. OUT with not fully servicing your clients’ nails because “this is only a fill” (… leading to early service breakdowns and greenies).

IN with taking control of your business and fully servicing clients  at the time of their return for what they actually need- whether they return in 2 weeks, or 6 weeks! 

Once I implemented my Fast Rebalance Process…


I went from feeling anxious during return client visits, to feeling confident and excited to create.

Not surprisingly my timing also improved, and so did my bottom line. I stopped losing money on “fills”.

Most of all, my clients left extremely satisfied with their nails… for weeks! (Goodbye to often “nail-fixes” messages.)

After overcoming the anxiety and stress that fill services gave me, I REALLY questioned why more nail techs didn’t use this Fast Rebalance approach in their business.

In less than 90 mins you will...

  • Know why I stopped using the word “fill” in my service offerings
  • The difference between a fill and rebalance service (in my books!)
  • What efile bits are my favorite for soft gel removal and why
  • When to do your prep for time efficiency
  • Learn the determining factor for how much of the old product to remove
  • How to leave everything flushed and smooth before gel nail application
  • How to incorporate a repair seamlessly into the (July)
  • How to shorten and reshape nails fast (July)

[Exclusive Launch Bonus]
One LIVE Review + Q&A session with me,
one week after course release!

Everything is easily explained in video format, with a step by step Printable Guide to follow along.

Take Control of your business
and your joy towards every set of nails you do

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