The roadmap to going independent as a nail tech successfully is about to get super clear.

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These are the goals this training will help you achieve

#1: An income goal of $80k-$100k per year (gross)

As an independent, you wear all of the hats. You deserve to afford your life for doing so.

#2: Booked-solid success

Because a consistently booked schedule truly pays the bills.

#3: Time freedom for other things you love! (hobbies, family, you!)

I firmly believe that if you love something and don't want to grow to hate it, you have to leave room for other things you enjoy.

+ lessons on what the most universal nail system is, nailing your pricing, and cost per service.

Let the journey to nail tech success be Simple...

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A Note From Paola…

I get you. I was there! Receiving the heartbreaking messages when my client’s nails popped off, chipped, or lifted (regardless of how thoroughly I prepped and applied). I was also there… Working furiously, those long salon hours, trying to make the dream happen. You know? Achieving that perfect work/life balance, working the hours that I wanted, doing the types of nails I wanted, with only the type of clients I wanted. Wishing, not only to make the kind of money that I wanted to make but also making it consistently. Until one day, after making some serious changes in my business, it finally happened. Your well being and the independence and freedom that you deserve as a creative nail stylist are just a couple clicks away. This time, don’t let anything or anyone stop you on the road to finally learn what it takes to be a profitable, specialized gel nail technician potentially making a 6 figure income (even if you’re just starting out!).


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