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ADD THIS OFFER (5 Lifting Secrets)
Gel nail lifting is the number one problem that keeps our clients from returning to us, and growing a bountiful book of loyal clientele. For this reason it MUST be top priority to get it figured out. If you believe you're doing all the things right, i.e.: -not using water -not leaving any cuticle on the nail plate -following all of your brand's steps ... but some of your clients are still experiencing gel nail lifting, I'd love to share with you my 5 secrets to ensure you never have lifting again. (and if you do, you would at least have these 5 secrets to refer to, as you have unlimited access to this training!)  
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What You’ll Learn:

This mini masterclass includes 6 lessons that will teach how to shape perfectly the 6 most popular salon-requested shapes. It’ is primarily geared to help you do so when working on nails that have been overlaid, but can also be a great guide for shaping your natural nails.

This  digital course comes with lifetime access.

P.S. If you’re an MGN student, this mini course is included in your Shaping Module.

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