The Trilogy Bundle

My 3 Japanese Gel Certifications bundled in one discounted price. 

Save 25% by enrolling via The Trilogy Bundle


Here’s the scheduled dates for certification:

  • Leafgel Certification, 3 Levels, February 19th-28th
  • Kokoist Certification, 2 Levels, March 24th-April 1st
  • Vetro Certification, 2 Levels, May 12th-20th
These dates include the start date of the classes to the end date, which is when your portfolio submission for certification is due.


This Is For You If:

This bundle is for you, if you would love to niche into Japanese gels for doing literally ALL of your nail services. Japanese gel is that versatile!


Limited Access

Each certification comes with 30 day access to replays/recordings.


Each brand requires its own kit

I will email you with the materials you'll need for each.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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