7 BIG Reasons to Become certified

+ the one secret to stop lifting before it even starts!

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#1: Get To Meet Us!

Megumi and I are such Japanese Gel geeks! Come and hear how we crossed paths, and some attributes that make Vetro a distinguished Japanese Gel Brand!

#2: Seven Convincing Reasons As To Why Now Is The Best Time To Certify In Vetro

You only need ONE good reason to join, but just in case I added 6 more! Plus, we'll go over some additional really cool perks for specifically certifying with me as your Kokoist Educator.

#2: Learn THE Secret Application Tip I Only Share With Students To Make Your Gel Nails Last At Least 3 Weeks!

Lifting gel nails is one of the most frustrating things to experience as a nail stylist. Not solving the mystery on gel nails lifting can hinder your growth as a nail stylist. Learn the ONE tip that'll give you the confidence you need to achieve monthly wearing gel nails!

Just what one of our students had to say after certification:

This was a great experience and I look forward to being able to offer Vetro Gel services to my clients. Thank you both 💗”

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A Note From Paola…

I get you. I was there! Receiving the heartbreaking messages when my client’s nails popped off, chipped, or lifted (regardless of how thoroughly I prepped and applied). I was also there… Working furiously, those long salon hours, trying to make the dream happen. You know? Achieving that perfect work/life balance, working the hours that I wanted, doing the types of nails I wanted, with only the type of clients I wanted. Wishing, not only to make the kind of money that I wanted to make but also making it consistently. Until one day, it finally happened. Your well being and the independence and freedom that you deserve as a creative nail stylist are just a couple clicks away. This time, don’t let anything or anyone stop you on the road to finally learn what it takes to be a profitable, specialized gel nail technician potentially making a 6 figure income (even if you’re just starting out!).


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