Virtual Nail Tech

What if you could have the best of both worlds?- A thriving nail business with loyal clientele and a business online that gave you more freedom as a solopreneur?

Virtual Nail Tech is the first comprehensive online program of its kind to help take your ground game at the nail table and help you go virtual by turning your expertise into a digital course!

You are ready to become a virtual nail tech if...

You’ve mastered one technique or a system of doing nails or…

You’re already teaching in person, but would love to expand your reach and impact within the nail community by teaching online! or… 

You are tired of trading dollars for hours in the salon, and would love to have a side hustle w/ minimal start up cost and frankly… less hustle

By the End of This Program, You'll Have Identified:

Your Course Topic

You may have hunch on what you want to teach, but we're going to solidify a course topic that sells!

A Course Outline

No scattered brains here, we're going step by step into what you should, and definitely should NOT include in your course.

Your Audience

Even if your audience is small, by the end of this program you would have learned how to attract and nurture a small but mighty audience!

Where & How To Sell Your Course

Crickets are cool, but not if they sound right after your course launch! In this program you will learn strategies that have helped me, personally, always book my courses with at least 10 students.

My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from!

– Rob Hill Sr

Here Are The 5 Phases To Your Program:

PHASE 1 Nurture

In order for your course topic to sell, your audience must know you and the product you're selling to them. Good news... your audience does not have to be a big one in order for your course to sell!

PHASE 2 Discovery

Together we'll discover things like your profitable course idea, who your ideal customer is for that course idea, and how much you should charge for it!

PHASE 3 Pre-Launch

In this phase you will learn about everything you should take care of prior to launching. Including how to create social and email campaigns to put your audience (small or big) on high alert of your new digital product.

PHASE 4 Delivery

Should you pre-record or live-launch your course? & How to collect payments will all be covered here!

PHASE 5 The Wrap-Up

This is not any ordinary housekeeping. Here we'll ensure that your students finish your course, AND do so feeling confident and encouraged!


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when going virtual.

Do you guarantee my results ?

No. This work is not for the faint hearted. There will be many times you’ll doubt yourself, and maybe think “Who am I to be teaching this?”. Those who implement this training, stay consistent, and remain resilient (as in you keep going regardless of whether you get likes or sign ups) can expect better results than those who do not.

Do you offer a refund ?

Yes. The deadline to receive a full refund is September 5, 2021 11:59pm EST. Absolutely no refunds after that.

can i do this even if i don't yet have an audience to sell to ?

Yes. Virtual Nail Tech is a program that not only shows you how to create and launch a course, but also how to cultivate a small but mighty audience that will be most likely to buy when you launch.

Am I ready to start teaching ?

Yes. If  you do amazing nail art, character designing on nails, the best set of extensions, serve an outstanding pedicure OR even if you have successfully launched something like a nail merch website. You have proficiency enough and are a step or two ahead of your audience, therefore you can teach that knowledge to them.

Enroll in Virtual Nail Tech

And begin your jouney of creating flexibility in a business that you absolutely love

A word from your instructor...

I get it! Going virtual, heck! Just going educator is an oh-so-real feeling.

Like… who am I on God’s green Earth to be teaching this? How have I proven myself for this role? Like… Uhm, why am I doing this again?

Let me answer that friend…

You are doing this educator thing because deep down inside you know there is a course idea or skill you know very well and could really help others by teaching it to them.

Yup, that is it. One skill, technique or method that you can put into a beautiful and simple framework that you can then take to market and sell as a course.

One of the biggest worries I get is… What if no one buys? Want to know a little secret… when I first published my online course… it didn’t sell. Like not even a single seat! It took 5 months, for me to figure things out as to why my course was not selling.

But guess what? The problem was not the course material. In fact, I didn’t change a single thing in my program!

Virtual Nail Tech™ is the behind-the-scenes look into the exact strategies that helped me troubleshoot why I heard those chirping crickets after my first course launch!

I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit of a grind. So how did I get through it? Simply put… I believed I could, and so I did.

Good news for you!

Virtual Nail Tech is the roadmap to simplify that grind for you.

So when you’re ready… I’m here to help you go virtual!

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