Master Monthly Wearing Gel Nails Using Japanese Gels only

For All of Your Clients & services

… using my proven step-by-step gel nail application system.

Even if you’re just starting out or are new to Japanese gels!

If you’re a newbie manicurist, or a niche gel nail technician or even a veteran one looking to be booked solid with a loyal group of returning clients, all the while making dependable income (more than just to pay your bills by the way), than you already know that you have to master long-wearing manicure applications.

You know that losing clients, is way easier than keeping them. You may also know that being specialized (or niche) cultivates the most loyal of clients. And heck… I know for sure that if you want to master all of your gel nail lifting problems… You need to commit to high quality gel nail systems and a proven step-by-step process for application of these.

(Yup. It’s time for you to stop trying to piece the process together from one YouTube video to the next, tutorial by tutorial.) 

So are you ready to master lifting problems, put an end to losing valuable clients and start making reliable income?


Enroll In master gel nails today!


For one payment of $597 you will receive lifetime access to the 10 module Master Gel Nails system which is accessible 24/7 online from any device!

Here’s what you might not know.

Just recently, nail services have hit $14 Billion in growth!

And the industry is forecasted to rebound and grow with a 9% average yearly growth rate through 2025, to a value of $22.6 billion!* Take that… 2020!

P.S. … with gel nail services continuing to dominate as the chosen service customers walk into a salon for.

(Yup! Despite the popularity of the “new” dip systems and resurrected acrylic nail services).

It is clear. The money is in gel nails. And when you know how to responsibly apply and remove them for prolonged wear, your potential to capitalize and tap into earnings is absolutely real.


Why master Monthly Wearing Nails With Gel?

#1 Specializing in one thing significantly reduces lifting!

I mean this one. Truth be told, with the abundance of “new” products hitting the market, technicians find themselves ‘needing’ to try and experiment with every single ‘new’ thing. Not realizing that they are opening themselves to more problems than benefits when trying to troubleshoot each system (acrylic, soft gels, hard gels, etc.,). 

Gel nails, specifically soft gel nails, hold longer across the board on natural nails because of the soft gel’s ability to flex upon impact.

#2 Make more money, and make it faster!

Perhaps you find yourself booked, but those hours in the salon are getting increasingly longer (and that back and neck pain… ouch). Your day’s earnings may be saying it is all worth it, but your aching body is second-guessing itself. 

Specialized nail technicians significantly make more money, and that, by working less. 


Because they have mastered monthly wearing services and are not filling their work days with repairs and discounted “fill” services. 


#3 Be booked and stay booked with a loyal group of returning clients.

You can be cute, hospitable, affordable, have the trendiest, most immaculate salon in your town, but if your client’s nails don’t last, neither will they as your client.

So when those nails stick, so do those clients. After which they so easily become “pre-bookable”. 

With pre-booked clients, you award yourself the opportunity to make dependable income month after month. Allowing you to begin investing for the bigger things in life, including planning those well-deserved v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n-s. (Yes! Plural.)

Even though the reasons to pursue mastery and specialization in this industry are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

Here is why you are not part of this growth. *Warning* Tough love coming your way.

The Reality

You are spending hours on YouTube and Instagram learning from the pros trying to find the products and secrets for each one of your lifting clients. Trying to piece the process of success video by video, follow-by-follow.

I know how it goes because that’s exactly where I was in the early stages of my career. 

But throughout my journey I’ve gotten rid of not just products but also services that hindered my being profitable.

Let’s face it…

You simply are not exponentially growing because:

  1. When it comes to your nail services, you offer everything.
    Buying anything and everything to satiate your lifting problems, and that, for every client! This can easily be solved by sticking to one nail system (And no more than 3 brands!)
  2. You are not offering unique services.
    So to keep yourself in the competition, you take a baseline of what everyone else is offering, and you do the same, just about what they charge, or worse,  FOR WAY LESS.
  3. You are refusing to invest!
    Why should I invest in my career doing nails  when YouTube is free? WRONG. While what you learn on the platform is intended to have great value, creators hardly spill the WHOLE beans. Which means you are only getting a fraction of what they know (and left alone to trial-and-error the rest). To be successful you need to be methodical, you need a path to follow, a step-by-step system.
  4. You are not getting faster. The old proverb still holds true. Time is Money. And it is probably not more true in any other niche than the beauty one. You get significantly faster at providing services when you follow a system, regularly. The same steps over and over gain, repeatedly.

Shh... I'm going to let you in on a little secret

I’ve cracked the “code” to a replicable SYSTEM that you can apply and get transformational results.

A system of doing nails that makes you specialized, offering unique services. A system that transforms your “hobby nail business” into a profitable, niche and fun career, fast!
You can make dependable, steady income by applying this system to your business.

And Also! 

Create the freedom you want (as your own #gelnailboss) in a relatively short time. Are you ready to hear what this “system” is?

Master Gel Nails

My complete step-by-step system of soft potted gel application, specifically Japanese Gel. It’s designed to take you by the hand to create beautiful long-lasting, NO-LIFT nails using soft gels for all of your clients and services. From gel removal to free-form extensions and everything in between, I’ve got you covered.

This gel nail application course was designed to fast-track your passion of doing nails from hobby stage to boss stage. I did it, and it has literally changed my world and the world of my clients & students.

"I am extremely happy with the results I have seen ... I feel it in the confidence I have in my work and the continued praise from my clients for the endless compliments on their nails."
"... so so happy I decided to go off on my own and purchase your Master Gel Nails Course! Best decision. I got my own studio, raised my prices, and started posting on Instagram like crazy, now I'm booked solid and I'm getting very close to hitting 6 figures!!
"Paola's MGN course changed my entire business for the better!... Everything feels less stressful and appointments feel more luxurious for both the client and myself."

Master Gel Nails Is The ONLY Program Of Its Kind That…

  1. Helps you master lifting problems by using Japanese soft gel only on all of your clients.
  2. Is not a product line based training (use any Japanese soft gel line of products).
  3. Takes you by the hand, as in step-by-step, so that you can offer unique high paying gel services, from gel manicures to gel extensions (and beyond!).
  4. Master Gel Nails, focuses on what you DON’T find for free on the internet.

Overall, MGN zooms in on the key foundations of long lasting, salon quality gel nails (even when it’s just you, and not a mega salon).

So if you’re ready to finally commit to a system that masters lifting problems, keeps you booked, and making dependable steady income while avoiding the trial and error and the piecing together of free partial information on the internet for success…

Here's how the Master Gel Nails program Will help you get There:

Module 1
A Winning Nail Preparation

Module 1 is all about thorough nail prep by manual and electric file manicuring. This is where ALL lifting problems can originate from. Which means we will literally be zooming in and framing out the smoothest canvas (nail plate) for a winning head start!

Module Sneak Peek:

  • Filing that reduces lifting problems
  • Cuticle work, including the “push & lift” method
  • Proper scrubbing and areas to focus on when eliminating oils on nail & much more!

Module 2
Monthly Gel Wearing Manicure for Short, Less Flexible Nails

Module 2 really breaks it down. It is the basis for smooth flawless gel base and color application.

Module Sneak Peek:

  • The true way (the gel pros are not telling you!) to seal the edge of the nail
  • Self-leveling technique, which eliminates lifting and breaking SIGNIFICANTLY
  • Framing your color from the start for an even streak-free finish & much more!

Module 3
Monthly Overlays to Achieve #NaturalNailGoals

Module 3 trains you to help clients achieve their #naturalnailgoals. Japanese soft gel products allow for thin BUT strong nail enhancements that do not easily bend. Something that many other nail products simply cannot perform without all the extra bulk and nails popping off.

Module Sneak Peek: 

  • Which one of the 2, base or builder, you need to self-level
  • How to work upside down (when your client turns her hand over)
  • Why you can actually SKIP finish filing!

Module 4
Soft Gel Extensions for Instant #NailGoals

Module 4 teaches you the successful application of gel extensions using soft gel only. Yes, with both nail tips & forms. No more breaks! We mean it!

Module Sneak Peek:

  • The ONE plastic tip that will never break on you
  • The ONLY adjustment you need to make to your nail form to make it fit
  • How you can successfully create extensions that last 3+ weeks

Module 5
Strategic Finish-Filing

Module 5 focuses on filing minimally and with a purpose.
*Spoiler alert* Filing is totally optional when overlaying with soft builder gel.

Module Sneak Peek: 

  • The ‘zones’ to focus you filing efforts on
  • Why we do not file the cuticle area
  • Why filing overlays is totally OPTIONAL

Module 6
Selective Rebalancing

Module 6 forces you to practice BOSSmanship. Here you learn why it is up to you to decide to offer fills and how to properly do them step-by-step.

Module Sneak Peek:

  • How thin to file down cuticle are
  • Why you “fill” using base gel only
  • Filing is also optional

Module 7
Mend Nails with Silk

Module 7  helps you keep your clients ‘nail game’ strong with this type of repair using gel only. NO GLUE.

Module Sneak Peek: 

  • How to mend with silk w/o adding extra time to your service
  • What type of silk to use
  • Why you should always reinforce with builder

Module 8
Effective Removals

Module 8 teaches you the safe way to do remove gel without any significant damage to the natural nail. Whether your clients are removing fully or reapplying.

Module Sneak Peek:

  • Why you should NEVER soak-off nails again
  • How to remove fast and efficiently w/o hurting your client, with the right bit!
  • The BIG newbie mistake you make when you remove gel nails fully

Module 9
A Thorough Analysis of all 10 Lifting Mistakes!

Module 9 b-r-e-a-k-s i-t d-o-w-n when it comes to lifting mistakes. And we go over how to avoid all of them in here..

Module Sneak Peek: 

  • Your Builder is Not Over Base
  • Natural Nail File Too Coarse
  • How the Continuous Use of Acetone Causes Lifting!

Module 10
Nail Art Techniques for Every Gel Type

Module 10 teaches you that not all clear gel is created equal. In this module I go over when you should be using base or builder to seal, and why and when to use Brush-on, Non-Wipe, and Potted Gel Top. 

Module Sneak Peek:

  • The thinnest nail art encapsulations
  • Tips & tricks for fine lines
  • Making things adhere, and that for good!

Enroll In master gel nails today!


For one payment of $597 you will receive lifetime access to the 10 module Master Gel Nails system which is accessible 24/7 online from any device!

Frequently Asked Questions


MGN can be learned concurrently with nail school or while DIY-ing. No manicurist or cosmetologist license is needed. This course does not give you a legal right to work in your state or city. Check for the details with your local municipality.

If you’re already licensed, MGN will enhance the current stage of your career by narrowing down your services, products, and winning application techniques.

Change is difficult… AT FIRST.

So if you currently have a clientele who is experiencing service breakdowns they will be so ready to want to try something new.

Now if you are newly in business, it should actually not be very difficult. You would have already set your prices, and included some info on your website, booking site or service menu that you will be using high quality gel nail product from Japan. Your client will then come mentally prepared to experience a different and unique service that she has not received before and all you would do during her service is relay to her how this Japanese product and service is different and unique. 

If you haven’t already, head on over to my YouTube Channel and watch the “What are Japanese Gels?” playlist to get a sense of key features, and particularly those of brands like Leafgel, Kokoist, and Vetro.


We would never show our exact processes as detailed as they are in MGN, on YouTube. You can piece the process together yourself video by video, follow by follow… or you can let me teach you the exact steps to rehearse, to nail your applications each time.


Our official MGN course certificate is available for download for those students who receive a passing grade of 80% or better on their final exam!

*Our certificate does not replace or grant any legal requirement for conducting a nail business. Please check with your local government for official licensing.

Nails lifting? Chipping? Losing clients? Love gel nails? Japanese gels? Smooth flawless color applications? Tired of thick bulky nails? Have you learned a ton on my YouTube channel? 

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of the above. MGN is worth the investment.

Master Gel Nails, can help you become an in-demand top earning gel nail manicurist. Whether you are a passionate DIYer, newly licensed nail tech, or one who has been in it for years without having any significant growth.

NO. The MGN Online Course is for “Single License Use”. Which means that, although you may use the course on all of your different devices, you may not share your login credentials for someone else other than yourself to login and use the course. We very kindly offer “group buy” discounts. Contact if you have 3 or more team members (or staff) for which you would like to buy access for. Our system uses sophisticated software to detect multiple-user activity with one login. Infringement upon these terms of use will result in termination of your member account.


Due to the digital nature of all course materials, refunds of any kind are not offered. Please read the details and description of each module so you understand exactly what you are buying. I am 100% firm on my refund policy.

I as the creator and instructor of the course, know that this system works.

… But for further validation our student feedback proves it too. We have had authorized and unauthorized (unfortunately) copying of our highly booked menu services way before the launch of this course. I am talking word-for-word. 

This stuff works.

We strongly believe that if you are serious about your business, whether it is up and running or not, what is taught in MGN will transform some part of it, if not all (yup, we are into bold predictions). Therefore we believe that the course fee, is merely a small investment.

If you should have any further questions before buying, please email us at and we promise to give you an honest and clear answer so that you can make the best decision for your business.

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