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The 3 Changes Nail Stylists need to make to master monthly wearing gel nails

3 Simple shifts you can immediately implement in your nail business strategy to master nail lifting, even if you’re just starting out as a nail tech!


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#1: Why Not Being Niche, Or Specialized, Costs You A Lot of Money

Are your drawers filled with unused products? Or products for every client-lifting scenario? Well then, you won’t want to miss knowing how niching down, just about immediately puts money back in your pocket... Are your drawers filled with unused products?

#2: The ONE Nail System That Can Do It All

Yup. When I started using this ONE nail system, I literally emptied my drawers of anything non-related and have not looked back, or bought into anything new, since then.

#3: Why re-inventing the wheel for every nail service is a big no-no!

Do you know right now (quickly) what your first step for each service is? Oh. oh. If you’re reinventing the wheel or free-styling every one of your services... Then you definitely won’t want to miss this training.

Paola’s course not only gave me the know how but also the confidence I needed when working with a new system.  It really took the “trial and error” out of the picture and gave me all the answers I needed in one spot.




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A Note From Paola…

I get you. I was there! Receiving the heartbreaking messages when my client’s nails popped off, chipped, or lifted (regardless of how thoroughly I prepped and applied). I was also there… Working furiously, those long salon hours, trying to make the dream happen. You know? Achieving that perfect work/life balance, working the hours that I wanted, doing the types of nails I wanted, with only the type of clients I wanted. Wishing, not only to make the kind of money that I wanted to make but also making it consistently. Until one day, it finally happened. Your well being and the independence and freedom that you deserve as a creative nail stylist are just a couple clicks away. This time, don’t let anything or anyone stop you on the road to finally learn what it takes to be a profitable, specialized gel nail technician potentially making a 6 figure income (even if you’re just starting out!).


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Don't Miss This Class!

My proven 3-step roadmap to master gel nails for 3+ weeks of wear, even if you’re just starting out in the industry!

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