About Me

I loved getting my nails done.

But after years of not being able to find my “nail lady”, I became my own.

So in 2012, after just recently marrying and not establishing a solid career for myself just quite yet, the nail thing became a ‘now or never’ kind-of life decision.
Since then I have serviced hundreds of clients, taught multiple certification classes for top Japanese gel nail companies, and maintained a booked-solid schedule in the salon with genuinely raving clients who LOVED their nails.

All while making the money and enjoying the freedom that I wanted as a business owner and #gelnailsolopreneur.

But it didn’t just take a little trial and error to get here. It took a lot of sweat, pain, and tears.

You see...

I was there! Nails lifting, losing clients and emotionally distressed after negative online reviews.

That all quickly changed when I became a specialized gel nail technician, using soft gel only.

Bio Sculpture and Japanese Gels to be exact. Literally changed my life in and out of the salon. In the salon, I was making the kind of money I wanted to make, with the clients I wanted, doing the nail work I enjoyed doing the most. Outside of the salon, I was enjoying time with family, unwinding at my favorite coffee shop, and committed to my health and fitness.

And today, I have committed myself full-time as a gel nail instructor. Sharing my journey. To help struggling nail technicians like you become in-demand, top earning nail stylists using soft gel only!

To hopefully save you from a bit of that sweat, pain, and tears. So...Thank YOU, for giving me the opportunity and space to do so at whatever stage you find yourself doing this "nail thing"!

Paola Ponce