Soft Gel Nail Education

By Paola Ponce

Paola Ponce specializes in Soft Gel and is a licensed nail technician and certified Japanese Gel Nail Instructor.

Dedicated to

Gel Nail Professionals

Paola Ponce is dedicated to educating professionals about soft potted gels and has been doing so for over 5 years now!

Since starting out in 2013, Paola has been continually growing her skills to give her clients & students the best gel nail application.

Plenty of Experience

Paola Ponce has a lot of experience and is ready to share it with you.

5+ Years As Nail Tech

Since 2013 Paola Ponce has been a nail technician out of Los Angeles, California.

Over 500 Clients

By appointment only has kept Paola busy with a stellar Yelp rating and over 500 people served.


With over 5 certifications by several gel nail brands, Paola keeps on top of the game.


One of the best instructors around for learning how to do gel nails! Thank you so much!

E. Lopez, California

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