How To Turquoise Nail Art on Gel Nails | Step By Step

You may think that creating turquoise nail art simply consists of a turquoise color and some dark brown or black details. But, actually, I’ve come to realize that it takes just a bit more finesse than that. Have you tried patting in some yellow or brown shading? How about breaking your black lines for more complexity?

I did all of these steps and a little more in this last YouTube Tutorial, or just keep reading for the details.

So of course we need a beautiful teal turquoise color but where do we start with that? Well, our friends over at Kokoist USA have recently released a full collection on teal colors so that you go with the one you find more appealing for your design.

I personally really like the Santa Fe Turquoise (#256) and the Rocky Mountain Turquoise (#260). Absolutely perfect for Turquoise nail art.

(By the way you can shop any of the Kokoist Products I mention at 10% off using code PPN10)

Here’s the technique on my step-by-step on the design (image above):

I’m using Santa Fe Turquoise by Kokoist. I’m also going to be using the Nail Thoughts firm Liner Brush. I am going to be creating a swoosh pattern, a French chip on the index and then a reverse French on the pinky nail.

After, index and pinky finger are done, I’m going to move on to this Rocky Mountain turquoise and I’m going to use this for the middle and the ring finger.

Paint the entire nail, or a portion of the nail you want to create a Turquoise effect on…

You can do one or two coats is totally your preference after each make sure you cure.

I’m going to be creating something lovely. I’m literally going to try to recreate a turquoise piece.

Yes! Like a turquoise stone. So I’m going to shape it into a little bit of an odd shape. Nothing specific, just rounded corners for sure.

It can be any shape you like to create a turquoise jewelry piece. So have fun with this.

In addition to some basic Turquoise essentials, I’ll be using Kokoist Bleeding Inks to shade areas around the Turquoise Nails. I’ll use the yellow and brown ink… just a drop of this goes a very long way!

And any time you are stone marbling, it is a good idea to come back with the same color that you started and just overlay and darken in lines in certain areas.

Because I want to give this jewel some dimension I’m using a clear gel to do so after having painted all of my turquoise detail.

As a final touch to this turquoise marbling, we are going to be using studs and we’re also going to be using and an affix gel from Leafgel to go ahead and fix these jewels so that they indeed do stay.

This affix gel is already a thicker viscosity gel, but even though it stays firm, it will help for you to be precise in your positioning of it. That way it is not too bulky or too thin.

If it’s not thick enough, your embellishments will come off. (My favorite crystals, studs, embellishments, etc., come from Daily Charme you can use code PPN10 for 10% off.)

When I am all done with this, it is time to finish this design. So, I’m going to be using a thicker viscosity topcoat like Leafgel’s Glossy, followed by a thinner viscosity topcoat. Like Leafgel’s Non Wipe Top Gel, you could use whichever combination you like.

Just make sure that you use something of thicker viscosity first before using your top. Otherwise, it will wear off and your gems and stats will begin to be exposed and tarnish.

And this was all that I did and added to this Turquoise Marble design. I hope you enjoyed it, and watched the video for all of the visuals! See you next week!


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