3 Game Changing Vetro Products You Can’t Afford To Skip On!

The essence of the Japanese Gel Nail Brand Vetro is super fun and super artsy. It continues to keep up and establish new trends. If you are a nail art aficionado, you do not want to ignore everything Vetro offers in its versatile line of potted soft gel.

If you’ve been following Vetro since its appearance in the US in 2015, then you know of its wildly popular products like its “Leaf” series which showcased metallic shades of metallic leaf paper (like gold leaf) in gel, which applied oh-so-smooth and thin.

You may also know them for popularizing the one-coat coverage black and white gels. Before their introduction… boy, did we struggle with finding a solid black and white for either full coverage or line work.

And for me, one of my all-time favorites since their debut here in the US was Extension Clear! Like OMG! Who knew a structured “soft” gel could be so strong and long-lasting?

But actually, these are not our three highlight products… Although these are still truly game-changing!

Vetro Game Changing Product #1 BASE MAX

Base Max can be used on natural nails (in two thin coats) if you want a short-wear and easy soak-off gel mani. It is sanding-free, so the nails do not have to be prepped with a buffer or file. Simply remove all cuticle and cleanse w/ alcohol!

But its use has evolved over the years, so I am ranking it as a “game-changing product” today.

Base Max by Vetro can be used over hard enhancements like acrylics, hard gels, and full-coverage tips before color or between layers of nail art, not to add bulk!

Its thin watery consistency also allows it to fill underneath a gel nail where it has lifted. For example, say you have a super tiny but annoying little lifting where you don’t want to remove and re-apply the gel nail (‘cause, unfortunately, that is what you’ll have to do). Well, Base Max can help you easily repair that lift. Simply buff to remove shine, apply and tuck Base Max underneath, and finish with top gel!

Vetro Game Changing Product #2 ART CLEAR “MIZUAME” NON WIPE 3D GEL

Mizuame (for short) is a mighty gel. You can create high-raised designs… like stitch-knit sweaters. As well as embedding big crystals with a pointed back into it.

I’ve even used Mizuame, somewhat thin, to embed the tiniest of studs (… because it is really high viscosity! Its name is actually the word used in Japan for a clear, thick, sticky liquid used for Japanese Confections- Yum! …the treats that are, not the gel of course!) And thus far, on my design, it’s worked like a charm… no pun intended!

Not a single little stud has fallen… and I’ve done MAJOR Spring work outside already, so super impressed.

It is also non-wipe. So once you’ve embedded your embellishments, there is no need to top gel! And another good use for it being non-wipe is the ability to burnish chrome pigments right on after curing (and don’t forget to double seal those for long wear, of course!)

Just a little note, even though its high viscosity makes it versatile for nail art styles, it’s not like the putty gel that you get to roll and create 3D pieces on the nail with.

Vetro Game Changing Product #3  NON-WIPE FEATHER TOP COAT

This is everything you’ve wanted your matte-top gel to do, + it self-levels your entire application like a dream. I remember applying this over a set of nails just a-ok smooth, but this matte top gel, W/O me having to apply it thickly, hid all the imperfections.

After two weeks, the nails remained matte. But sort of “satin matte.”

Other than that…

Fair Warning: This could be your go-to of go-to’s for matte, not only for its gorgeous matte effect but also because of its self-leveling property. None of my other matte top gels have been able to do that thus far.

P.S. If any of the Vetro items have intrigued you thus far, you can shop at 10% with code PPN10 here.

Listen, everything we’ve highlighted is just a few standout products from Vetro Japanese Gel. If you want to learn more about this premium, made-from-scratch Japanese Gel Nail brand, enrollment for our 2023 Vetro product Certification is now open, but only for a very limited time.

If you’re new to Japanese Gel or want to explore the Brand in full and learn how to apply it safely and appropriately for long wear, then I’d love for you to join us in a couple of weeks for Vetro Certification.

Dedicated, not-willing to cut any corners, responsible DIYers are welcome!

I’ll drop the link HERE if you’d like to read all the details or are ready to sign up. And if right now is not the best time for you to enroll, but you still want to learn more about Japanese Gel, check out my free masterclass.

Well, dare I say, if it wasn’t for Vetro, Japanese Gel might have continued being a super cute but also super low-profile niche.

It was one of the very first brands of potted Japanese Soft Gel and brought this niche to the United States.

Either way, you have a merry start to the week. Thanks for kicking it off with us, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Content written by Paola Ponce.

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