Latest Japanese Gel Nail Haul

My Latest Japanese Gel Nail Haul | Newly released items & more! Some of the latest color collections from Japanese Gel Nail Brands like Kokoist

& Vetro. Also! Lily gel is here! It is a “sister” company to Leafgel, at a more affordable price range for DIY and beginners.

What is Japanese Gel you may be asking?

Key feature #1 Japanese gels are professional gel formulas for manicures that are often found in pots. Not exclusively, but my sources tell me that in Japan the brush-on gel polish type bottles are for DIY’ers, so take note when choosing what products and services you are offering to your clients.

A little more on gel polish a little later.

Key Feature #2 Japanese gels are as of this date, soak-off only, which means they are soft gel. Not hard gel. But not only this, the most advance technology in Japanese gel nail products is that they are able to provide strong adhesion and easy removals when soaking-off with acetone. However,  as a technician who only efiles ,  these types of gels file like butter and unlike hard gels, they actually allow you to differentiate gel from natural nail, so that you can confidently file it down to the bone. Well the natural nail really.

Key Feature #3 Japanese gels are advanced gel nail products that can be used not only for one color application but also for nail art, as they are highly pigmented. Japanese gel nail products use cosmetic grade pigments, not polish like many gel polishes, and therefore allow for single coat coverage and versatility to use in any of your painted or free hand nail art. That’s right! Without having to buy an extra set of “gel art” paints or gels. And, If this is your favorite feature too let me know in the comments section!

Key Feature #4 Japanese gels offer a soak-off gel builder, and this characteristic is in my opinion revolutionary. Before, if you were wanting to remain specialized in the area of gel nails, and your client wanted longer natural nails or extensions you would have had to resource to a hard gel, non-soakable product. But not anymore. Japanese gel nail companies, along with other companies like Bio Sculpture Gel, have developed soak-off builder gels or semi-hard builder products that have the strength of hard gel, but without the bulk. Yes! That means you can actually build extensions with soft gel. Watch me do this in a previous video.

Key Feature #5 Japanese gels made in their native country of Japan go through strict inspections and oversight. They are typically also 5 free, and unlike many other products in the states they are sold in “small batch” not mass production further establishes them as some of the most professional gel nail products in the market. 

Bottom Line, with unparalleled adhesion, strength, and high shine finishes. Japanese gels are extremely professional gel nail products that last on nails w/o chipping for 4+ weeks when applied properly!

Now, if you are still here I promised you a bonus freebie piece of information.

And that is that I must mention that along with brands such as Evo by Bio Sculpture and Luxio by Akzentz, which are not Japanese produced products by the way, whenever you do see a polish type bottle from a Japanese gel nail company, do know that these are indeed TRUE gels, not low quality hybrid formulas of polish and gel.

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