The New Leafgel Curing Unit for Gel Nails | Cordless and Dual Wave (UVLED)

It’s here, and for me this has been the most perfect curing unit yet! First off, don’t forget to shop at with code “ppn10” for a discount on this lamp, while it is still in stock.

The new Leafgel Lamp (which you can get at 10% using my affiliate code PPN10) has 4 curing settings, including a “low heat mode” to reduce the energy emitted and reduce a heat spike.

Now, keep in mind that Leafgel Japanese soft gel products are already low “heat spike emitting” but in case you or your clients have thin nails this setting may be beneficial. Also if you are using true hard gels, this can lower the heat spike on the nail also.

Overall the new Leafgel curing lamp is quality, and everything I expected and then some.


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