Kokoist Le Blanc UVLED Curing Unit for Gel Nails | Unboxing & Review

The Le Blanc curing unit for gel nails is Kokoist’s newest launch in curing technology for gel nails. It cures both “UV” & ” LED” curing gel nails. It is important to note that the entire machine is comprised of LED bulbs with a variable wavelength of 365nm to 405nm. LED bulbs means no bulb replacement is needed. This also means that it technically cures all gels within this wavelength (practically all) as it emits both Ultra Violet & Visible light. Among its key features, it includes a “low-heat” flashing 90 sec cure, it is portable and cordless for up tp 2.5 hrs, and it has a ridiculous amount of bulbs to not miss a spot while curing your gel nails. Overall great light for curing gel nails!

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