How-To Gilded Trim Nails Almond Structured Gel Overlay

Soft subtle trims around peachy oval-shaped nails… count me in. These gilded dainty gold borders are so easy to achieve and are effortless. Yes! Opt me in for your clients, allowing you a quick service upgrade. Come with me to learn this new client favorite.

Today we’re doing a soft gold trim around neutral-colored nails. I never know exactly what I want when doing my nails, but once this idea came to mind, I lit up to go for it. So here we are!

Not only have I already prepped this nail, but I’ve also gone ahead and applied a thin overlay over my nail. 

In addition, today I’ll be using a Nail Thoughts by Kokoist tinted base in the shade Peach. And I’m going to do something a bit unorthodox with it. This gel is base, builder, and color all in one. Even though I already am wearing a thin overlay, because this product is thin anyways, I will take advantage of all 3 of its characteristics for today’s design.

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Alright, enough chatting.

Let’s begin. First…

1.I will use this Thin Round Brush for a bit of control, as it is firm and almost feels like a helpful tool to scoop the gel up. But the brush is still soft, bouncy, and releases the right amount of product. I’m going to carefully apply it on the nail before grabbing a larger bead to structure this nail.

2. Once I’ve found my apex and am happy, I will cure it.

3. I contemplated creating the trim with Boba Gel which is Kokoist’s firm 3D Gel, but once I put it on the nail, I realized it may have more volume than what I wanted for today’s look. I’d still rock this dimensional look, but not what I’m into today.

My other option is the Non-wipe Accessory Bond, it will be slightly raised, perfect for what we’re doing today, and our chrome pigment will glide on very nicely on it.

I’m going with it.

4. Before doing any of this fun stuff, however, I’m making my foundation matte so that we only need to apply shiny top gel on the dainty trim when we are done burnishing.

Alright, I’m excited; let’s do this.

5. Now that it is matte, I will apply the Non-wipe Accessory Bond gel we discussed earlier. Again, I am using the Kokoist Long Liner.

6. I’m not overloading my brush, just enough gel to create dimension with it. I’m now going to cure it for 30 seconds.

7. Next, I’m going to grab a Kokoist Chrome pen. The chrome pigment is pressed on the lid, which allows more control; however, I’ll remove the excess on a palette and use a separate applicator.

8. Brush off the excess from the nails, and seal the pigment with clear gel. I went ahead and used the non-wipe accessory bond again. I’m in a pinch, and this has the thickness to hopefully keep my chrome from chipping. I always recommend you double-coat your chrome. Cure, and wipe off the chrome excess.

9. You are done creating your set of neutral base gilded dainty borders.

Thank you for watching; if you loved today’s post, can you do me a favor and let me know in the comments below or share it with a friend.

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I’ll see you next week, and bye for now!

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Content written by Paola Ponce

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