How To Shape Nails Round

How To Shape Nails Round

Round-shaped nails can be very comfortable as they typically wear without corners or the corners can be tucked behind.

Today I’m going to take you through a simple step-by-step on how to shape nails round.

Let’s get begin!

Short nails can be worn at any length even on nail biters, in fact, this is especially where this nail shape comes in handy. Nail biters probably will not have corners to work with.

Funny enough, I have had many nail biters ask me for a square shape on their natural nails even though they were shortly bitten… hehe.

If you’re working this shape into artificial nail enhancements, you’ll need to work with a sturdy 180g board file, otherwise, an emery board is what you would use for natural nails. These files are generally 180grit, sometimes even 200grit either will work for shaping.

Another thing I want to mention as far as how narrow you make your nail depends on the width of your cuticle area.

You’ll want to keep your free edge within the parameters of an imaginary rectangle that is no wider than the width of that cuticle area.

If you don’t mind how wide your free edge is no need to worry about this move to the step-by-step below.

Here are today’s steps:

Step 1:

First things first, use a nail clipper to cut the nails straight across. They don’t have to be perfectly even, just make sure to get them down to the length you want.

Step 2:

Take your file, and file them evenly straight.

Step 3:

Turn your file in at an angle. How much of an angle depends on how round you want the nails.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to make an executive decision. If the nails are long enough, at this point you would have ended up with some corners. Now I can tell you, that in the professional industry of nails, these corners are left behind and they do typically look better if you leave them.

If your hands are not going to be on a cover of a magazine and corners are annoying to you, then this is where you would get rid of them. If you are removing them, you’ll be moving on to step 5, if not… You’re done!

Step 5:

What you want to do is ever so gently, just let your file glide around those corners. I promise… no pressure needed. Otherwise, you’ll end up reshaping that entire nail.

Dust underneath, and you’re done! You now know how to shape nails round.

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Thanks for reading, and bye for now!

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