How to Swatch Glass Tiles | New Way to Nail Swatching!

So maybe you’ve seen them before, maybe not. Those beautiful crystals that display gel nail colors?? Well, don’t worry I’m taking you through all the deets in today’s video.

And yes! We’re talking legit glass. Now you may be able to find plastic tiles also, but they are not as shiny, the color doesn’t come through as vibrant, and they may easily be scratched or fogged with alcohol.

My source for these glass tile beauties… (this is not an affiliate link, but I do have a code for you to use at 10% off).

Now I use 3 Japanese gel nail brands primarily. Kokoist, Leafgel, and Vetro.

So I had to make the big tough decisions of what shapes to buy (… it was a hard one).

So this is what I went for:

Kokoist = 14mm Square Tile

Leafgel = 18mm Hearts

Vetro = 30 mm Rectangle

Watch the full step-by-step on how to get started Tile Swatching, by clicking the link above!

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