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Today I’m showcasing items from my latest Japanese and Korean Gel Nail brands. Grab your favorite tea and enjoy!

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Alright, now to today’s nail haul! Today is a fun one. We’re going to have fun unpacking my latest nail haul with products from our beloved brands Kokoist, Zillabeau, and a little Vetro, ok? 

Nail Haul Items:


#1 Enne Non-Wipe Top. 

This top coat is offered in a brush-on bottle and pot. It’s a crystal clear top coat (that’s why there’s an eye on the label, lol). Vetro promises that this topcoat is shinier and stays shiny longer than the regular non-wipe top coat. 

#2 Art Clear Mizuame & Watagashi.

These are Vetro’s Non-wipe 3D art gels. 

Mizuame is very slow, self-leveling, and thick. Perfect for raised lines, creating large drops, and setting stones or pointed-back embellishments.

Watagashi has no self-leveling properties, and it’s light in texture. This gel is great for creating textures like sweater-like designs, and you can work on multiple nails without flash curing. 


#3 Leafgel Sanding Free Plus Base Gel 

This gel is base and builder in one. Remember, the one with the gold ribbon on the cap doesn’t need base gel before applying. Perfect for DIYers if you are doing nails at home or practicing. The only downside is that the biggest jar they offer is 8g. 

Leafgel indicates that this is perfect for rebalancing or fill-ins. It doesn’t require sanding before applying and can be used for nail art to encapsulate without bulkiness.

#4 Leafgel colors #095, #124 #126

These happen to be three of the top-selling Leafgel Colors. If you are unsure about what colors to get because each 4g pot is $20, then you can’t go wrong with these, especially #095 and #124

A quick tip: When you first open the pots, use a mixing spatula to mix them. Do not stir; just two and a half circle motions will do. 

#5 Lily Gel Kira Kira Non-Wipe Top Coat Gel & Unicorn Non-Wipe Tip Gel. 

Leafgel’s sister company was brought to offer a more affordable yet still good-quality option than Leafgel for upcoming nail artists. 

Unicorn Non-Wipe Top Gel is the Holo-Unicorn trend in a non-wipe top gel. You can apply this over any color (preferably sheer colors), which is like magic.  

Lily Gel Base Gel More, the formula has been upgraded to be used as base gel and also fill-ins. Great consistency; so far, this is my favorite one. Lily Gel offers this guy in refill size a 100g presentation to refill your pot. 

By the way, I created a comparison chart with the information on how all the gels compare; click HERE to download it. It details how Kokoist, Leafgel, and Vetros gels compare and how many sets you can get from the core gels (base, top coat, and builder gel). You don’t want to miss this chart; it’s high;y valuable, literally around $600+ to put together. 

#6 Lily Gel Brush Flat & Lily Gel Brush Oval+

This is another item that I have to keep it real with you. I have favorite application brushes from Kokoist, then Vetro, and lastly Leafgel TBH; however, Lily Gel brushes have really blown my mind. I like them greatly because of their size, application, and flexible bristles. 

#7 Tiny Cling Geling Primer.

I don’t really use primer, but I thought it better be in a cute bottle, whatever primer I get. 


This 3D gel sells out most time. You can mold it to your desired shape, and it’s so sparkly and iridescent! CANDY+ brand is the only Japanese gel company I’ve seen offering all products like acrylic, tools, efile bits, etc. 

#9 Make.N 3D Jewelry Mold. 

This is a mold to create different sizes and shape jewels using gel. You can customize them by adding different colors or additives like glitter or shell or paint them after curing.


I believe in quantity over quality, and I’m mainly referring to the quality of your charms. Listen, if you can get 50 to 100 charms on Amazon for $10, that is not necessarily a good thing. You won’t have enough space to store them, and you’ll forget about them. That is money held on the nail desk.

These acrylic charm holders are pricey but will make you more selective with your purchase charms. This makes the creating process much more manageable, defines your style, and it’s a beautiful/organized presentation for the client.  

The cases come in different sizes, and they close with magnets. 

#11 Izemi Acrylic Palette.

I believe it is acetone and alcohol resistant. This palette has separated areas to place products, charms, and brushes when doing a service. 

#12 Izemi Recure Cuticle Oil. 

This cuticle oil has honeysuckle flower extract, blueberry extract, strawberry extract, houttuynia extract, sodium hyaluronate, and panthenol. I have been using Leafgel’s cuticle remover and wanted to try something new. I’ll keep you posted on how this works.  

You can find all the items mentioned above at Zillabeau. If you’ll like to save 10% on your purchase, use code PPN10.


 #13 Kokoist Gold Dust Series Collection

This summer collection comes in sheer beiges, blue periwinkle, pink berry, and mauve, all with gold flakes. These colors are E279, E280, G281, G282, and G283.

Keep in mind that Kokoist gels are 2.5g vs. Leafgel’s 4g pots, so $11 vs. $20 DLLs. 

#14 Gelip Case 

No more nail tips all over the place! With the updated Gelip case, all your nail tips will be secure. Sizes are written on the top, so there is no need to waste time searching for the correct size.

This case came with the new Gelip shape “Coffin Extra Long”. 

#15 Aurora Design Film

I created a tutorial using these films; you can find it on the Kokoist YouTube channel. These films are pre-cut, so if you’re into nail art, you don’t have to worry about cutting the shapes. These come in 11 different color sheets.

#16 Squeezy Art Gel

These are not nail gel; this is more a craft gel to create 3D pieces. Make sure to read until the end because I might give most of these gels to one person in a giveaway! Yes. Check the resources at the bottom of the page and participate if there’s a giveaway! I’ll throw the jewel mold in there too. 

#17 Nail Thoughts Vol II Color Collection

This collection of Kokoist x Nail Thoughts are highly pigmented, true gels made in Japan in brush-on bottles. These very trendy 18 colors are a continuation of Nail Thought’s first collection. One note is that the formula is slightly thinner than Kokoist’s potted colors, making them perfect for quick color manis or long nails at the salon and DIYers. 

#18 KOKOIST Cuticle Nipper Pink Gold

Ok, I will tell you that this beautiful tool is $198; you can use my code PPN10 for a 10% discount on any of the items mentioned here. Going back to the luxury nipper, yes. 100% handmade, manufactured in Japan, and comes with a leather protection pouch for the tip. The shape is designed to reduce the pressure on the wrist, the 4mm blade size. It’s rust-resistant and does not need to be resharpened; with proper care, it can last you a lifetime. Remember, this tool is for cuticle and dry skin only! Do not try to cut anything else, or you will mess up your luxury nippers. 

#19 Dragon’s Eye Premium Collection

This six colors collection is a gel with shimmer that is supposed to give off 12 different color shades in one single color. 

#20 Down Under Planet Collection

This collection is an addition to Kokoist colorful magnetic gel planet collection. It’s five new earthy colors with magnetic shimmer, perfect for nuance art. 

#21 Kokoist New Tinted Bases

This product is a 3-in-one base, builder, and color in a bottle. Nail Thoughts added 12 new shades; you have brown tones, mauves, pinks, a red, and two nude colors filled with gold glitter specks. I believe Milkshake, Canteloupe, Hazelnut Creamer, Nutmeg, Mocha, Champagne, and Rose will be client favorites!

The last three collections will be available at the Nail Pro Show Aug 21-22; Katie will be there! Or you can wait til Aug 28th to purchase them online. At and use code PPN10 for a 10% discount!

Ok! I hope you enjoyed the fabulous new products we covered today, which I will play with soon. I’ll see you next week, bye for now…

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