What Is Syrup Gel? Comparing Premium Korean Gel Nail Brands

Unpack, explore, and swatch with me in this video! Also, we have a Kokoist Certification Date! Sign up for the waitlist HERE

So what is syrup gel?

Syrup gel is a term coined by Korean Gel Nail Companies to classify their highly translucent colors. They give off that stained glass look, perfect for “glass nail tips.”

Today we will compare and contrast 4 of the most popular and DREAMY Korean Gel Nail Brands, including Tiny, F Gel, Fiote, and Mayour.

We’ll also finalize the conversation with Japanese Gel Nail Brand Kokoist, whose newest collection is a “glass” collection. How timely!

Let’s start opening and swatching collections, and at the end, I’ll tell you my favorites and which ones I would buy if I had to pick. Most of the colors we show today are from Korean brands from Zillabeau. If you want to try them, you can use code PPN10 for a 10% discount :).


I got the Jjuu’s Jjuuice collection which consists of primary and secondary translucent colors. Korean brands are all about packing and presentation, so usually, you get a collection it comes in cute novelty packing, with a storyline and a card to beautifully display the color swatches. You can display the colors on your table like that and offer your clients the new-new.

This collection comes in 10 colors, and I’ve noticed that Korean brands label the syrup gels by using a gradient effect on the bottle, different from the full-coverage color gels that usually come with a full-colored bottle. That’s neat, a great way to tell them apart and stay organized.

To my surprise, the bottle feels premium quality, and the lower portion is heavy, but the brush is very comfortable, light, and easy to use. It’s not cumbersome, big, or bulky at all. In case you are interested in this brand and want to know how tall these bottles are, for the sake of organization at your studio or something, these bottles are a little shy of 5 inches tall, and there are 10 grams of product on each bottle (gels in pots are usually 4 grams each).

These gels apply very smooth and thin ( I thought it would be thicker), and you get one-coat coverage, but as we always recommend, do two coats of color.

If you want to know my opinion, when do I use bottles over pots? I like to use bottles on toes and very long nails because you just paint them quicker; otherwise, I stay true to a potted soft gel. If I use a bottled color over my gel overlay, it would be Korean gels. They are premium quality, just like Japanese gel nail brands, and I really, really like that.

So, I usually do my gel overlay or structured mani with Japanese gels and then have a variety of Korean gel colors.

Let’s move on to our next brand, but so far, Im impressed.


This is another Korean brand carried by Zillabeau, and they are primarily Korean gels, right?

The collection’s name is “Neonade” Like a neon lemonade for summer; super cute. This collection has six colors; I am missing an orangy-toned one, just FYI.

Just so you know, these are not the only collections for each brand; each has multiple syrup collections, which is fun. They really capitalize on the concept of syrup gels.

These gels are nice and thin, have one-coat pigmentation, and the smell is very similar to my Japanese gels, nothing super annoying. I tiny bit runnier than Tiny’s gels, haha, get it? TINY bit.

Beautiful, bright, highlighter neon colors, they literally glow! With these brush-on bottles, make sure to offload all the product on the bottle; the color gel likes to accumulate in the brush shaft and can start dripping, so work with color on one side of the brush only.

One coat of each color.

You get 12ml or 0.4oz of product with beautiful packaging on each bottle. Another thing to note is that these Fiote colors have great color suspension; I didn’t have to shake or stir the bottles. Lastly, this is the only brand that doesn’t have the color fade on the bottles, just one-color bottles. Everyone should have this collection in their summer arsenal of colors.

This is two coats of each color.

From The Nail or “F” Gel

This is one of their latest collections called “Winery.”

“The Winery collection comes with eight syrup colors inspired by the rich and deep colors found in wines and vines spread out under a blue autumn sky.” -F Gel.

They feel thicker than the ones we have tried so far, thicker consistency. The bottles have a velvety feel and foam-like texture. The colors range from burnt yellow to reds to greens and blues, all in autumn-like tones. The first few colors are perfect for tortoiseshell nails if you are looking for that 😉

Coming out of the bottle, the color feels goopy but still applies smooth and thin; also, these colors are nice, but they don’t deposit as much color as the Tiny and Fiote collections. You will get there but after a few passes.

One coat swatches.

I’m going to be real with you, I was the most excited about this collection, and after swatching it, Im not that excited. Instead, I thought I would not be excited about the Tiny collection, and so far, it’s my favorite.

Two coats swatches.

Also, I want to add that just because this did not wowed me doesn’t mean they’re not good; on the contrary, they have some of the funniest actually, so just keep that in mind.

I recently polled my audience about Korean gels, and From the Nail was the #1 Favorite color in a bottle option.

It’s a community that specializes in soft potted gel use and training, and I wanted to know what was their favorite option. (By the way, if you’re not part of this community, I encourage you to join; it’s on Facebook and completely free. If you have questions and want to get together with soft gel specialists and those on their journey to solopreneurship in the industry, such as nail techs or press-on nail business owners, you can join HERE.)


I was really looking forward to trying some of this brand’s products. First of all, packaging! It’s minimalist and chic!

This collection is called Dream Garden. This comes with eight syrup colors inspired by tones found in a garden with various flowers. The bottles have a soft feel and a little square on the top displaying the color of the gel.

I was intrigued by the ultra-sophisticated, editorial look, and the bottles look like lipstick cases, just gorgeous.

The top comes off, and then you have the bottle. The application is smooth and thin with a great pigmentation coverage; I would say, it’s similar to the Tiny gels.

Last but not least, we have Kokoist, not a Korean brand but a Japanese gel brand, yay!


Kokoist came out with a Botanical Garden Glass Series collection of “glass gels,” as they call them. Like their entire line, these come in pots, and they released six new colors to add to their existing glass-like color line. They are very pigmented, gorgeous colors; they really have excelled in formulating syrup/glass gels. I don’t want to sound biased, but they are that good.

Again, these colors are beautiful. I feel Kokoist knows best when it comes to turquoise tones, and this one did not disappoint! (You can use code PPN10 for a 10% discount at Kokoist as well ;)).

I told you! I just know I can count on J gels every time hehe. (By the way, if you like these swatching tiles, head on over to may Amazon Store to see my recommendations).

Ok, to finish off, let’s do a recap:

1.Tiny’s Jjuuice Collection. 10 primary and secondary colors, the bottle shape is not uncomfortable to work with, great one-coat pigmentation, super cute collection packaging, my fave today!

2. Fiote Neonade Collection. A must-have summer collection. Super fun glowing, highlighter colors, and great color suspension; no need to shake or stir the bottle. These did cure with a tacky layer; if you want the tacky layer off, just cure them for longer instead of 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

3. F Gel The Winery Collection. Beautiful presentation, eight autumn colors, and cures with no tacky layer, meaning you don’t have to wipe off. A little underwhelmed, you have to do a few passes to get the color payoff, but they have the funniest collections. #1 pick by soft gel users community.

4. Mayour Dreamy Garden Collection. Talk about the packaging! Ultra-sophisticated lipstick-like gel bottles. They have different syrup color stores and are very well thought out. The bottle is 8ml, but the quality and application are pigmented and smooth. Very pleased.

5. Kokoist Botanical Clear Glass. These are the winners for me. I love how these apply, Kokoist really has their consistency down for potted gel, and they can cure without the tacky layer.

However, you are here for the Korean gels, and I’ll tell you what I would pick. I have to say my audience was kind of right; yes, F gel because of the price and super fun collections, but they also added the option for Tiny, they really like it, and now after trying it tonight, I like it too! Which is kinda annoying for me because of the bottle and the possibility of being cumbersome to store it. But I did like Tiny very much.

Before you go, I am giving away one of these collections! I am giving away The Winery collection by From the nail. If you want to participate, click HERE!!

Thank you for hanging out with me; this was a lot of fun. I hope it was fun for you and helped you decide which one you want to try in case you’re shopping for some syrup gels. Until next time, bye for now…

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