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The Efficient Efiling Manicuring Online Course is fully loaded with all my detailed step-by-step efile techniques when specializing in gel nails and gentle natural nail care before, during, and after gel nails. It is my complete method behind the simplicity and efficiency of efile manicuring.

It is pre-recorded in high quality audio and video, ready for you to start watching. You’ll have lifetime access to this training. Watch and re-watch from anywhere, at any time!

Here are the materials you will need for this course. Keep reading below for full details…



My philosophy on efiling is very simple… Be fast, be efficient, while being the very best at protecting the integrity of the natural nail!

Sign up to this course, and I’ll take you by the hand (as in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3…) through my 5 phases of efile manicuring when working on natural nails and soak-off gel.


Here’s what you can expect in each phase…

PHASE 1, The Premier

  • In the Premier Phase you are going to learn
    • First things, first… what to look for in an efile. Including reputable sources to buy from, what certain efile bits are best for, and why over the last 5 years I keep returning back to the same 5 efile bits!
    • We’ll also be going over all of the tools needed for this course and what your “mani tool kit” should be comprised of.

PHASE 2, The Strip

  • In the Strip Phase you are going to learn
    • How to fully remove soak-off gel using only bits for a “remove and reapply” service.
    • How to achieve the quickest soak-off! (Learn why I recommend a soak-off on that rare occasion a client wants a “gel break”.)
    • And! What bits will make your gel removal super quick and easy, but most importantly, nearly DAMAGE-FREE!

PHASE 3, The Prep

  • The Prep Phase is the most important stage of any product application service. In this most important phase you will learn
    • What a full dry and semi-dry efile manicure service should consist of
    • The ONE efile bit you need to do all of your cuticle work!
    • Why you may be over burdening yourself and your liability by performing unnecessary “Russian Manicure” techniques.
    • The one cuticle removal product, that gently and effectively exfoliates the skin so that your natural nail manicure becomes a breeze!
    • And lastly!… how a sharpened cuticle pusher can make the difference in both a dry and semi-dry efile mani

PHASE 4, The Restoration

  • In the Restoration Stage you will learn
    • My philosophy on fills vs “re-balancing”
    • How to determine when a service is a “fill”, a “rebalance”, or a “new set”
    • How to shorten the nails without damage using both clippers and efile
    • The only 2 bits you’ll need for rebalancing (one diamond, one ceramic)

PHASE 5, The Finale

  • The Finale Phase is the tidy up phase. You will learn
    • Both, tidying up your soak-off gel application and your efile supplies after finishing the service
    • The ONE bit that is needed for tidying up soak-off gel overlays
    • The ONE bit you’ll need for tidying up sculpted soak-of extensions.
    • Soak-off removal tips, and my very own efile removal technique.
    • Proper disinfection of your efile bits and storage.

Still on the fence about joining me in this course? Watch a sample video from the first lesson of this course to learn a bit about my teaching style.


Because of the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds. Please read carefully or email us with your questions to ensure our courses are exactly what you need.

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