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An informational step-by-step course to help you finally launch that press-ons business!

This digital course consists of 5 Phases, and a bonus student testimonial lesson!

The Lessons are as follow:

Phase 1: Validation
Phase 2: Business Legal
Phase 3: Creation
Phase 4: Promotion
Phase 5: Launch

Bonus Lesson 1: Rachel Arreola of Vistosa Nails shares her process for launching her online Press-Ons Store!

Bonus Lesson 2: Brie of Velvit Nostalgia Press-Ons shares her process for gaining followers that turn into customers using the boost post feature on Instagram.


Phase 1: Validation

The first step into selling press-ons is actually not creating awesome press-ons (at least not yet) but rather finding an audience to sell them to first. And in this phase, we will be answering these questions.

  • Why are you selling press-ons?
  • Who are your press ons for?
  • Is there a demand you are filling by selling press-ons?


Phase 2: Business Legal

In this phase I am going to take you through the general set up of the business legal aspect of things when creating your press-ons business.

Personally, I believe setting up a business online or offline is not hard, It is all about giving it an official name, or making it an entity so that the government (federal and state) can identify it and tax it.

The branding, i.e. your colors, the logo, the slogan… that’s all cute and you will have to ensure no one else is using your branding before starting business with it, but the more legal stuff is simply tax related

We will explore further standard business operation in this phase.


Phase 3: Creation

You’re trying to figure out the easiest, quickest way to size your customer’s press-ons. Do you create 10, 12, 20, 22, or 24 nails? What the heck?

We’ll go ahead and map out some options to help you decide. Ultimately, you can send a minimum of 10, or a maximum of 24.


Phase 4: Promotion

Having a successful promotion of your press ons is a definite make-or-break scenario in your business.

Remember, if your press ons are not selling it is not because they are not beautiful or because you suck.

Let me ask you this? What was your marketing plan of action? Did you even have one?

Did you just create a set of nails, posted some pictures of them on socials … and heard crickets?

We will troubleshoot your marketing in this phase.


Phase 5: Launch

A website is NOT needed to start selling. You can start selling off of your social media pages, but a website does make things just a little fancier.

If you already have a booking system, that booking system may allow you to add an ecommerce page. E Commerce is just the selling of products via the internet.

We’ll talk about your website options in this phase.


PLUS!– Bonus Lessons with actual successful press-on owners!


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