Gel Nails| 3 Scenarios Ideal For Bottled Gel Use

Is Bottled Gel allowed when specializing in soft potted gel nail systems?


Pots or bottles and why? That’s what we will be discussing today. I get this question quite often. Before we begin, I want to clarify a few essential points about our niche, specifically soft-potted gel nail systems. I personally prefer the ones made in Japan. 

Now, often times I will just say Japanese gel. When I do so, there are two additional characteristics for defining these gels as Japanese gel other than the fact that they are manufactured in Japan.

#1 The gels are traditionally applied from a pot. It is simply Japan’s acquired method of applying gel nails. It’s undeniably more artistic and considered their professional way of applying gel.

#2 The artistry, typically, you cannot envision Japanese Gel Nails without nail art, and there are definitely 3 predominant Japanese Nail Art styles. Those are super kawaii, nuance, and embellished. Of course, each nail artist infuses their own artistry, but these are nail art pillars when using Japanese gel. High-level Japanese gel nail techs develop and protect their own style of nail art, so you won’t see them copying from each other. The goal is to infuse dimension into a nail art look or make it super clean and quaint. They do it beautifully in a unique, particular way. 

Kind of like when we say “Russian Manicure,” we’re not talking about a manicure you get in Russia; we’re talking about a technique. So, there’s a culture and a technique involved when we use terms like these. 

Soft-potted gel is another term you can use if you establish your business and need to explain these systems a bit more. That you specialize in soft-potted gel. That is what we do here!

You’ll notice that we will only talk about it if it’s related to soft-potted gel systems. The reason why is that I want to help you specialize as an independent gel nail stylist. 

I do this because I found through my personal experience, and now my students, that the niched and more specific you are when you stand out from the crowd, the easier it will be to attract a clientele that will be coming back to you, appointment after appointment. 

No one else in their town, city, or block offers what you are offering. That will also allow you to charge a premium price and create the income you want. 

Either way, while in the salon doing nails as an independent nail stylist, I found great success in the longevity of my nail services, fun in my services, and a more than average nail income by specializing in soft potted gel nail systems. And now I teach all who will listen! (lol)

Here are the 3 Scenarios where I would use a bottle instead of a soft-potted gel nail system. Remember, I have a course that teaches you how to apply these, whether you just want a gel manicure, gel overlay, or gel extension, and some key points to nail art. You can start with the free orientation class HERE. 

Because Japanese Gel Nail companies also have their products in bottle form, most of the time, or a least the companies I use, Vetro, Leafgel, and Kokoist. Should you ever invest in bottle-form products? Let’s go over these reasons for bottle vs. pot. 

Scenario #1 When starting out with Japanese Gels

Let’s say you just started dipping your foot in soft potted gel nail systems and saw some super fun colors. Can you use them? Absolutely, that’s no crime. Just know that traditionally, if you want to stay within that niche, that’s what you will be marketing in your business and make you stand out from the crowd. When you stand out and become specialized, you can charge more; it’s that simple. I review that in my free master class; check it out after this reading ;). 

So, when you are starting out, DIY, or transitioning to potted gel, the brush-on bottle from these brands will give you a great quality product that applies super smooth. 

Scenario #2 When painting extreme-length nails

If you use a pot to paint a super long nail, it will take you a long time. You will do more strokes to cover the nail or need a larger brush; Kokoist has a medium flat brush to cover long nails. So, bottle systems are great when working with long nails.

Scenario #3 When doing a pedicure service

Depending on the customer’s position, using a pot and a brush may be challenging to hold and paint nails; you will have a foot with weight. You could set the pot somewhere, but we usually like to hold the bottle when we paint. Another thing is that the foot is generally pointing upwards, depending on your pedi setup) and the gel can start pooling towards the back.

It can be more cumbersome when using pots for pedicures; that’s when I would reach for the bottle. Again, you don’t have to; you can go for the pot, especially if you want to offer the same color. Usually, Japanese gel nail companies don’t match the colors in pots to the bottles; they keep that as a separate line because it’s more catered to the DIY community. 

Really there is no crime to use bottled gel when specializing in soft potted gel nail systems. Use them as often as you need to. If you are wondering when you would need bottles instead of pots, these are the three reasons. 

Time to recap:

  1. When starting out as a DIY’er, you’ll be comfortable with the bottle form. 
  2. When you work with long nails because it will allow quicker application. 
  3. When you are doing pedicure systems. 

Think about when you’re having Japanese Cuisine; you’ll still get all the yummy flavors, regardless of whether you eat with a fork or opt for the traditional chopsticks. When you use chopsticks, you’re participating in the experience and indulging in good company similar thing here.

I hope this helps you to solidify the reasons and scenarios when you should and can bottle gel nail systems. If you don’t fit any of those three scenarios, you don’t have to invest in a bottle collection; you can just stay with soft potted gel nail systems. 

Speaking of bottles, Kokoist just released their third edition collab with Katie Masters. The Nail Thoughts by Kokoist Collection. They added 18 new colors, some perfect for the fall/holiday season. Check them out if you want to grab a few or the entire collection, and remember, you can use code PPN10 for a 10% discount on your complete purchase.  

Thanks for reading until the end. I’ll see you at the next one!

Content written by Paola Ponce

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