5 Proven Ways To Make More Money As A Nail Artist

Being a nail artist gives you a chance to pour all your creativity onto nails with vibrant colours, designs, and textures. To grow and sustain your nail business,  it is crucial to reduce unnecessary costs and find additional ways to increase profits.

In this article, you’ll find five proven ways that can help you make more money as a nail artist. 

  1. Replace Paid Tools With Free Ones 

Whether you’re working as an independent nail technician or running a nail salon, the use of technological tools is a must to manage a nail business efficiently. Stop paying $25 to $500 per month unnecessarily to use such tools when you get them for free with Yottled. 

Get unlimited

  • booking pages, 
  • online appointment booking facility, 
  • email marketing tools, 
  • schedulers (digital calendars to list availability)
  • CRM (to store customer info), 
  • automated email/SMS notifications,
  • payment integration to accept online payments/deposits, and
  • intake forms to collect customers’ contact information.

Replace your nail salon business management software with Yottled and instantly save money. I have used it myself and found it easy to navigate and robust, that’s why I’m strongly recommending it. 

  1. Sell Gift Baskets

Combine your favorite nail supplies, hair and skin-related beauty products, lotions, creams, makeup, fragrances, etc. and make enticing gift baskets. Get a variety of baskets and decoration materials from Walmart, Target, or even from Dollar stores. Decorate attractively, and sell them with a healthy profit margin. You can do marketing and selling using:

  • Email marketing tools,
  • Facebook and Instagram groups,
  • Your website/booking page,
  • Your salon/rented booth,
  • eBay, 
  • Craigslist,
  • Facebook Marketplace, etc. 

Collaborate with nearby salons, barbershops, and spas. Ask them to keep the baskets in their place and offer a commission for each gift basket sold. 

  1. Start Influencer Marketing As A Side Hustle 

Join influencer marketplaces: Once you get 700 to 1,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, register yourself on influencer marketplaces such as:

  • Intellifluence
  • Brybe
  • Dealspotr
  • Collabstr
  • Afluencer
  • Tribegroup

Search for the projects that are nail-related businesses post. Apply for such projects and start earning extra cash and freebies. You can earn free nail supplies plus $25 to $600 per assignment. 

How to grow your audience: Continuously share helpful tips, innovative nail art ideas, and the latest trends in the nail industry on your social media. 

But most importantly, share discount codes and coupons exclusively for social media followers to give a strong motivation for people to follow you. 

You can also take the help of professional agencies like TruffUp.net and like4like.org to gain more followers for less than $50. 

  1. Eliminate Payment Processing Fees

You may or may not be aware but when you accept payments using a physical point of sale (PoS) or virtual payment method, your payment integration partner (PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.) charges you a fixed amount per transaction and a % value of the total transaction amount. On average, you’re paying 3% to 4% of your revenue just for payment processing. 

You can shift this charge to your customers’ final bill and instantly boost your profits by 3% to 4%.

For example, 

if you’re making $100k/year, you can save $3k immediately by passing on these fees to your customers. 

Your customers’ bills will go up by a tiny amount. A $40 nail service bill will be $41.16 to $41.70.

To use this feature, you can use Yottled (free) or Vagaro (paid) for your payments. 

  1. Rent Online Space

First of all, start a Facebook community. A group for nail artists to share ideas, ask questions, get advice from their fellow nail artists, share vacancies and salon booth rental ads, and do networking with each other. Search for good nail art pictures and share them on your page. Invite nail artists and nail salon owners to join your group. 

Once you get 500 to 1,000 followers, headhunt nail art raw material suppliers, manicure-pedicure kit suppliers, companies that make booking software for nail salons, and more. Contact them via email or social media and let them offer a space for advertisement on your community page. It also includes pinned posts and feature posts, i.e. you pinned a post about their product/service on your group and make it a feature post for a week or a month. You can make $50 to $250 per post.


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