Top 5 Tools You Need To Run An Efficient Business As A Nail Tech

There is a key constant among some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know of, which is… Doing more with less.

They find efficient tools or create systems in their businesses that allow them the higher output of whatever it is they do, thereby maximizing their profits.

If you’re a nail tech or an aspiring one, your output is seeing more clients either to increase your revenue or to be able to do more during a client’s nail service in the same or less time to increase your profit.

Now I want to be clear; this is not about being rushed but about being efficient. Meaning not being wasteful of our time and rather working in a well-organized, competent way. 

Today we will be talking about what those efficient tools and systems can be in your business so that your business runs like a well-oiled machine getting you to your higher revenue goals with less effort.

As we go through the 5 tools, I want you to really hone in on the thought of decluttering your physical space and your mind. For me, it is simple, cluttered spaces create cluttered minds, and cluttered minds create inefficient decisions that end up costing you real dinero. 

Tool #1 Your Nail Desk

Yes, your nail desk is a big tool that needs to be organized in the best way to make your work efficient. Here’s how it can help you do that if you have to wonder where your tools are or how to adjust your equipment so that it is comfortable for you and your client… then yes. We got problems.

First, are you lefty or righty? Depending on your dominant hand, this is where all of your most used tools will sit. For example, your nail caddy and efile need to be a quick grab because your muscle memory will favor reaching for things with the hand you are most dominant with.

Now I won’t go into all the ways to organize your desk, as we just did a full video about two uploads ago. So check that out in our video archives after this video.

But the second most important thing you should organize as easy access on your nail desk to be able to service your clients efficiently has your nail art items within reach, so maybe on your less dominant hand, especially those items that you know how to apply because they will be your easiest upgrades confidently. For me, those items were chrome pigments and striping tape! But you can also have your sticker book nearby, as I found that clients loved stickers as a fun, quick, non-intimidating detail to their manicures.

Having nail art near your customer causes curiosity and often enough of it for them to opt-in for it.

But in essence, you will have a highly efficient nail desk when everything you need to do your client’s nails is only within hand reach. Meaning you don’t have to get up for it.

Tool #2 A Nail Efile

 A nail efile is the best way to upgrade your services.

Now I want to be clear, newbie nail techs, do not practice using the efile on your clients. Give efile technique time to mature in your nail business, don’t immediately jump into it.

Practice it on yourself, a model, and take training.

We tailor a curriculum for the soft gel nail specialist that focuses on care for the natural nail when using an efile. I’ll drop a link to that program in the description box below if you need it.

But here are the three ways an efile makes your business more efficient:

  1. It thoroughly removes all cuticles off of the nail plate, making it the most guaranteed way to eliminate lifting issues at the cuticle area.
  2. It speeds up gel removals at least twice as fast. The general average for removing gel enhancements is 15-20 minutes. But you can cut that time in half when properly trained to remove the gel fully with an efile. (Yes, this is a lesson in our efile masterclass, EEM)
  3. When you have upgraded skills, you can upgrade your prices, and having the efile technique in your repertoire is definitely one of the top ways to increase your bottom line. For example, if you are trained in an efile and offer efile prep for your nail services as standard procedure, the price of your nail services should reflect that. The techniques you learn cost time, and the tools you use for those techniques also cost money.

Real Quick!- Before moving on.

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Alright, back to our topic.

Tool #3 A Content Creation Mount

So many new nail stylists are considering diving into content creation this year, which is why we’re adding this topic to our upcoming Bootcamp, and it’s already part of the MGN PRO course. But the 1st best thing you can do is start shopping for a quality phone mount.

Content creation as a nail tech to post on Instagram does not have to be difficult because you have regularly scheduled content every time you see a client.

Now, I know your client is not in for a demo, and I am not saying you should invade everyone’s appointment for a snippet of their service, but believe me, there are so many willing participants among your clientele.

Always ask if it is ok if you grab a minute or two of recording for your business. 

So what mount is a good mount. Oh my gosh, beware.

The best mount is one that is solid and will not wobble around. That is probably the most annoying thing with mounts that they wobble.

One very popular one among nail artists is the Arkon Mount. This is a small business, and I recommend you look into them before Amazon.

Now from Amazon, unfortunately, I’ve only shopped wobbly goose neck ones, which I highly recommend avoiding.

But something like this… is a good option.

Always having this at your table will ensure you’re always ready to record.

Tool #4 Step-by-step systems for applying all of your nail services.

The is not necessarily a tangible tool unless (you’re in our MGN Course, where we actually do give you printable checklists), but it is oh-so-important to have a step-by-step system when doing any nail service.

Creating and memorizing a step-by-step system of applications for all your services is super important for maximum efficiency in your business. Remember, being efficient is not wasting our time but rather working in a well-organized, competent way.

So, right now, fast… what are your steps for a gel manicure? 

You must know this, like turning on your car and putting it in reverse to back out of the driveway.

For me:

A client comes in for a rebalance

1. HI! Let’s look at your nails…

What are we doing today? Single color, ok, nice. 

2. Are we cutting them? No, ok.

3. What shape? Stiletto, ooh,! You bad girl.

From that small, efficient talk, we move on to efile removal, cuticle work, shaping, base gel application, structured gel application, final shaping, color, and top gel.

All of your core services should be efficiently memorized in your mind.  

Tool #5 A Simplified Booking Software Solution

When I worked full-time in the salon, I relied heavily on online booking software even after being booked solid.

When it comes to online booking, do not overcomplicate this. You need software that allows you to book your client and charge your client (via a merchant processor) all in one platform. I think because we are nail stylists and not technology gurus, at least not many of us, we often don’t pay attention to what technology we need to be able to transact in our business.

Again booking and payment transactions should be synced up in the same platform for, you guessed it, maximum efficiency. Do not invest in a merchant processor and then a booking software separately.

This is not efficient as you will be looking in two different places for your client’s records, and it is definitely not cost-effective to have to afford both merchant processing fees and a booking software membership.

One benefit of having your client’s records all in one place is seeing who your most valuable payers are… just saying.

I recently came across this new beauty-friendly Booking Software called Yottled; it allows you to transact with your client and includes all of the free features you want from a booking software!- I know.

They’ve also worked around passing the convenience of using a credit card (i.e., those almost 3% credit card fees) to your clients.

Click here to learn more about Yottled.

The second most efficient feature I used with my booking software, even when I was booked solid, was appointment reminders. I don’t care how booked you are; your client will never stop being human, and she will need reminders to keep on track for the day, just like you and I would.

If your booking software can take care of this, you do not have to confirm with your client about their appointment manually. Of course, from 100% experience, I can tell you that not confirming appointments with clients is a surefire way to occasionally end up with a no-show. Don’t run that risk in your business, and it is very expensive to you to have a no-show.

Make your online booking software efficient by ultimately using one with all the features you need. 

Again check out Yottled, as some of their users have even coined this new Booking Software to be the “Best Vagaro alternative.”

In this day and age, small businesses can no longer afford to be crushed by convenience fees, so checking them out is worth considering as an alternative.

Alright, friends, let’s recap those efficiency tools one more time. 

#1 Your nail desk

#2 A nail efile

#3 A content creation mount

#4 Step-by-step system for applying all of your nail services

#5 A simplified booking software solution

Let me know which one of these efficiency tools you look forward to implementing in your nail business by dropping a comment below.

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Bye for now.

Content written by Paola Ponce.

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