5 Reasons Why I Prefer Potted Soft Gel

Let me start off by saying that whether you use a bottled gel or potted gel to create your gel nails, the most important thing is the end result… How beautifully finished those nails are, but even more important than that is that the nails last!

But here’s the thing, I never want you to under-estimate how much attention your client pays to your process and your products. Or if you do your own nails, how happy those cute products make you feel.

And in life, often, we think we can’t have it all. Things are ‘too good to be true’ we say. But with potted soft gels you CAN have beautiful, high quality, and safe products to use on yourself and your clients.

Today, I want to share with you the top 5 reasons why I prefer (and have done so since 2016!) potted soft gel for my gel nail services… even extensions!

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🌸 Reason #1 No bonder or dehydrator needed!

Uhm … anybody care to save money on quarterly bonder and dehydrator products? Your base gel in a potted soft gel system has all the adhesion you need for monthly wearing gel nails.

More importantly though, I find that when students rely on their bonder or rough sanding prep for their ‘adhesion-security’ they don’t pay diligent attention to their application.

Potted soft gel challenges you to be precise with your application.

🌸 Reason #2 Stronger than bottled

Generally speaking, the reason why often your gel is in a pot vs bottle is because the formulation in a pot is thicker.*

In a bottle the formulation has to be thinned out for ease of use.

So if you’re doing really long structured overlays, and they’re starting to get bendy, or break, this is why.

The answer is not add more bottled builder, it’s to switch over to a high oligomer (thick resin) content gel. I.e. potted soft gel builder!

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🌸 Reason #3 I get to choose the brushes that work for me!

You’re a nail artist 👩‍🎨! You deserve to choose your brush for those custom master pieces, rather than to use a one-size-fits-all bottled brush.

🌸 Reason #4 Super easy to store and travel with

I can travel with my entire kit plus a whole bunch of colors (probably all of my collection) in half the size of a carry on luggage 🧳 

A tiny pot is twice and sometimes 3 times smaller than a bottle.

🌸 Reason #5 Simply cute

Potted Soft Gel (PSG) instantly sets the mood. How can you have a non-happy day, when your products are adorb!!

They really fuel my creativity ✨

🌺 2 Bonus Reasons 🌺

Bonus Reason #1: Less allergenic

But listen, all uncured gel can be highly allergenic. Anyone educating you on allergies should start there.

Now the reason why a potted soft gel can be less allergenic is because remember, bottled gel needs more monomer for ease-of-use in a bottle. (Bad manufacturers abuse this though)

So your potted gel (especially your builder) is high oligomer, low monomer.*

*Check with your brands. Some of their formulations are the same in pot or bottle, but traditionally it wasn’t this way.

Bonus Reason #2:.Perceived level of complexity

Youtube is riddled with full coverage and tinted bottled builder because of its low perceived level of complexity. I get, it takes some finesse, but some clients may look 👀 at what you do as “not that hard”. Hey! Let them figure it out.

When you use potted soft gel, that level of complexity and artsy feel to their service makes them see why you’re so worth it

I saw this in the salon with my clients time and time again.

Hope you enjoyed today’s topic!

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