BEST Holographic Cat Eye Unicorn Gel & How-to

Well hey there!

I’m sure that if I’m all caught with the newest and coolest in nails, i.e. holographic cat eye gel AKA unicorn gel, then you DEFINITELY are in the know. Perhaps you’re even a little overwhelmed by the choices of unicorn gel out there.

That is why I went shopping for you and got what I consider some of the best brands offering the new trendy holographic unicorn gel. Those include gel nail brand F Gel and Icegel, and I also picked up Gel Nail Brand Kokoist! I’ll drop links and code below for you.

Ready to check them out!?

Let’s get into the studio!

From the Nail- Angel Eyes IV -Light Angel Collection.

Let’s begin with F-Gel, now I don’t mean to provoke FOMO, but I will. This collection has already at least sold out twice, and it is surely because of how captivating at first sight. It really is pretty. 

And if you’re like, do I really need them all, well… let’s hold that question.

This collection consists of 6 colors all packaged in the signature F Gel bottle.

And like all F Gel color bottles, the bottle is painted in a similar-to exact color as the gel color inside. 

Shop F Gel from, save 10%, and support my work using my affiliate code PPN10.

Ok. SO. Unless stipulated otherwise, all cat-eye magnetic gel color is applied like this:

  • Base gel, cure.
  • Color gel, cure.
  • Color gel, don’t cure.
  • Grab your magnet and start playing. To get that disappearing oval you typically need to bring your magnet to just 3 sides.

Now if you’re not familiar with magnets in nail art. Magnets are used to push or pull the tiny magnetic particles in the gel. These positive and negative pulls in the magnet do reset, so you’ll have to play around with it a couple of times to see what your magnet is doing at the time that you’re ready to play.

But please! Do not stress, your design is not over until you say it is. If you don’t like it, don’t cure it, and simply re-paint your wet layer on. It’s that easy.

Let’s begin swatching.

Ok, so truly, if you handed me just one out of the 6 colors in this collection as a gift, I’d be so thrilled and content. But what if instead I was on a budget and had to choose just one. Which one would I choose?

Ugh! Decisions! Ok, for me it would be the first one #FG65. It’s got enough pink, but at the same time as neutral as can be.

BUT that’s only because blue tones don’t accent my skin well, because if they did FG70 is the one, as far as a beautiful color just on its own!

One key thing to point out and for you to remember is that F Gel is offering you a base color in every bottle. That will not be the case for our next couple of brands.

ICELGEL-Unicorn gel polish

Let’s move on to Icegel.

ICEGEL offers two unicorn gels. They are universal, so you can apply them over any color, but the current trend is over nudes or sheers.

Ok, first impression. This one feels a little thicker than F Gel’s. F Gel’s glide is super easy and smooth.

You still get a nice holo-effect but I almost think you have to apply very thin so that it does not overwhelm your base color.

Ok, the next one seems to have similar holographic-toned gel, but if you look closely there are holo-sprinkles inside! They are not bulky or hard to tame. I really like that.

Ok, but remember how I said earlier, these felt a little thicker than F Gel, well this one definitely feels a bit thicker, almost kind of gloopy, and again almost as if one layer is sufficient, or it’s gray tone seems to overpower the whole application.

Ok, but this one from Icegel is super unique with the holo-sprinkles, so a definite bonus point.

Shop IceGel from, save 10%, and support my work using my affiliate code PPN10.

Next up,

Kokoist-Unicorn’s Eye Magnetic Gel 

With Kokoist you are only getting one little, and by that, I mean, only a 7ml bottle.

And this is universal also like Icegel and so you can apply it to any color. But remember currently the trend is sheer or nudes.

The first impression glides nice and smooth like F Gels. Feels thin, and I like that because it leaves room for layering without bulking up super cool.

Very similar in look and feel to F Gel, and that’s really all I can say about it without being redundant. Ah-like-it!

Shop Kokoist Gel from, save 10%, and support my work using my affiliate code PPN10.

Ok! So let me sum up some things. 

#1 The point of the magnet is to push or pull magnetic particles in the gel.


#2 Holographic gel wears best on sheer, fluorescent, or very dark colors. If you find a great combination do share!

If I had to say out of the 3 brands demoed today which would be my pick… ugh! It would be between F Gel or Kokoist. And if it was a budget thing, I would just do the Kokoist one as it truly is very light and versatile in any color.

Well because you’ve been so patient in making it this far in today’s topic, I want to reward your patience, and I’m actually going to be gifting the two Icegel bottles. But you gotta do two things for me! 

Drop a comment down below, and enter via this giveaway link 

Meet me here next week for another reading on soft gel or solopreneurship. Until then!

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  1. Hi Paola, My name is Lana (Svetlana is the longer version:) I love all your videos and honest suggestions and recommendations that you have provided on your website. I have learned a lot from you. I am a nurse and work in ccu and my relaxation is to do nails. It gives me some time alone and I find my creativity. I think doing nails is relaxing and a lot of my coworkers are starting to do their nails at home as well. We share knowledge and spend our extra money on nail polish and gadgets! My husband says it’s a good hobby!
    Hope this message finds you well, I am not a professional and just enthusiast. In the future I am thinking of getting a nail professional certificate and when I retire I can go to nursing homes and do old ladies nails for fun!

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