Extremely Bitten Nail To Long Transformation Using Japanese Gel

Is Japanese gel just a vanity gel to create kawaii and modern nail art or can it be used as a gel to correct unsightly nail conditions also? In this video I will be showing you how to take unsightly ridgeting on the natural nails to a beautiful nail enhancement using Japanese Gel Only. 

Greetings and welcome back. If you are new here I am Paola and I help aspiring nail solo-preneurs master gel nails using Japanese Gel only.

So you’ve seen all the fun nail art that Japanese gel nail stylists create, and boy can it be fun. But is that it? Is Japanese gel just gel for the fun stuff, and for those who already have pristine nails.

Not at all, for about 5 years I used Japanese gel in the salon to help clients achieve their natural nail goals. That included, turning nubs into beautiful natural nail enhancements before even dolling them up with nail art.

Well much in the same way today we are going to take unsightly ridgeting on a nail and transform it into a beautiful natural looking-nail- enhancement. That brings up a good point by the way, many people cannot get rid of bad habits that cause unsightly nails because they look at artificial nails as temporary fix, and that is just not the case with Japanese gel, and I hope to convince you of this with this video.

So the unsightly ridges on this nail are most likely due to years of a bad habit. What exactly is this bad habit? Sticking your thumb in your mouth and scraping the nail with your bottom teeth. Yup, this person can’t stop wont stop. But there is a hope as I’ve seen some improvement. Stick around for that.

So to get this nail on the road to recovery, I am going to create a Japanese gel nail extension, but first, let’s give it a proper prep. 

Now I’m going to be primarily using Leafgel to beauty this nail and give an extension

Notice how thin this extension is. An extension with Japanese Gel feels very natural, and lightweight which is important for those with bad nail habits. It really encourages them to have nails that look and feel like their own. 

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