Fall Nail Haul! | Kokoist, Leafgel, Vetro, Daily Charme, Glamerliz, Red Iguana, & More!

So enjoy this nail haul on my favorite gel nail items, and do let me know in the comments below if you want to see product reviews on any of them.

The first item to talk about is the Korean brand Anemone Cordless Dust Collector sold by Zillabeau (use code PPN10 for 10% off), the distributors of Leafgel and Lili Japanese Gel in the U.S.

So far it has been a good purchase for me. It is powerful, relatively quiet for a dust collector and super lightweight. I’ve also owned a Valentino Dust Collector Unit, and recently was sent a MelodySusie one to review! So I can compare it to at least a couple of brands, and I do like it’s attributes very much!

I’ve stocked up on a lot of Kokoist, some Leafgel, and a few Vetro gels also. A student of mine wanted to splurge and commit to the entire line of Kokoist color gels (use code PPN10 for 10% off), and so I told her I would buy any doubles she may end up with that I didn’t have. Such a win-win, right? I totally encourage you to cherish your nail community and friends, you never know how you could help one another! I’m tellin’ ya!

Now also, Daily Charme sent me a box of goodies for me to try and share with my community, and I promise you, a nail-art-palooza of designs is coming your way!

I also was reached by a fellow nail tech who this time in her career, decided to start designing her own nail tech t-shirts. They are super chic and high quality, and she kindly sent me 2 on the house and so BIG shout out and congrats to Lunula Nail Lab!

And I think one of the most important items I bought in this nail haul were the silicone practice hands by both Glamerliz and Red Iguana, both are good quality, but as far as craftsmanship, the Glamerliz takes the cake! … And! Don’t worry, I do hope to do a thorough review on these in the next coming weeks!

There are a few other items for you to enjoy, I’ll let you watch the video, and hopefully you watch it in time to enter the giveaway!

Make sure you follow me on Instagram (@paolaponcenails) for quick tips and tricks, and also pay attention to the right hand corner of this video for info cards with videos I may have already published on these items, alright enjoy!

Some codes may generate me a small commission. Thank you!

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  1. Hello!! Love this video!! Could you please tell me or show me how to use the kokoist 5D planet gel? I’d like to purchase all 10 but it says to use the magnet that comes with the polish. I have the dragons eye and the magnets so I was just wondering what to do. Thank you

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