February Japanese & Korean Gel Nail Haul!

So today, is a super fun one!

Who doesn’t like a nice big nail haul or just shopping in general??

And because you know my specialty is Japanese gels, I went shopping with some of my favorite brands. And that’s made very possible by you using my promo code (PPN10) So, thank you, thank you!

Now I’d say, I bought …. about 90% of what you see here. Some stuff was free with purchase and our Kokoist Concealer collection was sent as an affiliate gift.

Now I’ll show you what I bought, and why I bought it because I am super selective about my shopping, and so I bought it all with a purpose for you. Probably everything you see here I will do a designated comparison video (blog) on, so if you’re not subscribed, do it RIGHT NOW, so that you don’t miss any juicy deh-tails. Go ahead… do it right now I’ll wait…

Ok let’s start with those Kokoist gels. This collection will launch this week, and it’s going to be a good one, I am sure! I myself was looking for some opaque nudes, and I think the 3 in here will do it for me! Do look for an upcoming swatch post on my Instagram this week.

Next let’s move on to what I picked up with one of my favorites, Zillabeau! If you are not familiar with Zillabeau, they are importers of high quality Korean and Japanese nail goodies. They are the distributors of Leafgel and their sister brand Lily gel.

So ‘F Gel’ is the Korean brand of brush-on gel, or bottled gel, that they distribute. And recently the manufacturers of F Gel (From the Nail Korea) began offering their own line of full coverage tips. They gave their line of full coverage tips the very interesting name of “Give Me Tip”.

And, for those wondering whether or not these are more like Apres or Gelip, I’d say the Gelip from Kokoist. But I’ll do a comparison video for you very soon. 

Ok, next up. Kira Kira Boutique Korea, also distributed by Zillabeau. And what I got from Kira Kira Boutique Korea was that “Flash-On, Flash-Off” powder that became super popular with another Korean brand named IceGel. [Spoiler alert] I did buy Icegel in this haul and some of this ‘on/off’ nail magic. Icegel is already mixed, in gel form. So maybe we can sit down very soon and also talk some differences and sims. And even though this powder is like $22 it is a good size (about 1 ounce) especially if you’re a salon owner, and expect your nail stylists to share (me: share??).

I also got some other little small things like charms and studs from Make. N.

Now I forgot to mention earlier, that for the Give Me tips I purchased the F Gel Base, … I think that’s how you’d adhere them?? … Don’t worry I’ll double check for you.

OOh, and last but not least from Zillabeau, I could not keep myself from wanting to try for myself the 9 Tail Fox Magnetic Gel Series from also the FGel Line.

Ok, moving on to a brand I’m super excited to finally try out… and I know lots of you have been wondering why I don’t use. That brand is Ageha Gel. And here is truly why I have not bought myself. Now in previous videos or if you are part of my community, you know I always speak highly of Ageha, and recommend her brand. And so why not more videos or IG posts on Ageha Gel products? Well because those that have trained with me know that I say stick to 3 brands within the Japanese Gel System. And for 5 years those brands have been Vetro, Leafgel, and Kokoist. And the reason I primarily stress this to students is because I want you to really know your clear gels before you go exploring and encounter service break downs. SO with that said, I binge-shopped almost all of Ageha’s clear gels, and I cannot wait to sit down and talk to you and compare them to what I already use. It will be fun.

I did also pick up a couple of extra things from Presto like Tsumekira decals and a Presto mixing gel I plan to use for that Kira Kira powder I talked about earlier.

Alright next up! I’ve been waiting for this stuff! It is my Nashlynails nail haul. Nashlynails is a husband and wife company devoted to getting you specially selected trendy items that are hard to find or import to the U.S. 

We just recently teamed up with Nashlynails as affiliates because they carry the Staleks Brand, which is the very best machine manicure bits and implements. They are made in the Ukraine and used by professionals all over the world, especially Russian-Manicure experts.

Ok, done, raving. Either way, picked up some quality implements, and they kindly cover the cost of all of our bits, as sort of my first affiliate order, and I do look forward to sitting down and sharing why I chose these specific bits and how they compare to current ones I use, or other popular brands.

I also picked up one of those “Ombre Brushes”, can you believe after all these years, I still don’t own one, ha!

Now Nashlynails, also is the US supplier of IceGel wich is another hot and trending brand from Korea. I ordered the flash-on/flash-off gel and some more magnetic gel to compare with F Gel and Kira Kira, so do look out for that review.

And just remember, asll of my reviews are honest and fair, and my purpose is just to provide you with all the insight I have on them so that you can make your own informed shopping decisions. Good vibes only, and this channel is not here to bash any brand. We highly value all the work a manufacturer and supplier put into hand picking these high quality products for us niche nail techs.

Last but certainly not least. Daily Charme!

Listen you can go into Daily Charme and seriously shop till you drop because everything is just so darn cute, but I seriously want to focus your attention to their Japanese Gel Nail Art especially their stickers, they carry Amaily and Clou, which are super high quality Japanese stickers which are usually designed by trending Japanese Gel Nail artist, so they are super special. And also, don’t leave Daily Charme before stocking up on some beautiful and large Swarovski Crystals, rumor has it, they will stop selling individual crystals around all industries, not just the nail one, very soon.

So now that I’ve teased you with these gorgeous items, let me know in the description box below which are you most excited to learn more about, that way I can prioritize and put those items on top to share with you.

Thank you so much for spending your time with me today unboxing my latest nail haul. I hope you’ll join me next week.

See you then, bye!

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