How to Efile Nails with Melodysusie’s New Atena and Kanon Portable Efile Machines | Unboxing & First Impressions

Efiles, efiles, and more efiles… MelodySusie does not stop with these releases, and today we will be unboxing and testing 2 of their newly released efiles the Portable Atena and the newly released Kanon.

Let’s get to it.

A very warm thank you to MelodySusie for gifting us these 2 efiles. You can support my channel by shopping MelodySusie products at a 12% discount using PPN10K)

Let’s begin with this Atena Portable Efile.

It is 100% cordless; the motor and control box is all in the handpiece.

It does 28,000 rotations per minute (RPM) and it is offered in 3 color variations White, Gold, & Purple.

I seem to have gotten the purple one.

First impressions are good.

It looks and feels quality. Honestly the most quality efile I have seen from them. I often say that when products feel a bit cheap, they feel ‘rinky dinky’, and that is definitely not the case with this portable efile. 

It’s not plastic, it is metal.

At the top, it has all of the buttons and functions you would need with this efile.

Powering it on/off. The direction of the rotations, and speed. So nifty and functional! 

So this beauty (Atena Portable Efile) retails for $42.99 on its own although it technically comes with a few bits, so it’s not completely on its own, it comes with the bits as gifts.

Let’s see how it operates. (see video at minute mark)

I can’t even ‘fake the funk’ as to how good this efile feels!

I am super excited about trying it out for the first time, and it is so cool to have you over my shoulder experiencing it with me for the first time!

Let’s go over these buttons and what they do one more time.

Starting from top to bottom.

  • The first button powers the unit. You have to hold for about 3 secs to get it to power on.
  • The second button tells you the speed, the max speed is 28,000 RPM, and there are 3 speed levels. In order to stop it, you have to press the Power Button once.
  • The next button is for the direction of the rotation you want the bit to rotate at. Now again this is my first time trying it so I am not sure if you have to just abruptly make it switch by pressing that button. Let’s see… yep! It seems like that’s all you do, press that Direction Button and the motor decreases speed, stops for a second before switching direction. So smooth and so cool!

Just a small downside is that while trying to stick to minimalism (which I love!), the efile machine does not tell you what direction you are going in. You kind of have to guess which direction the rotation is going.

To troubleshoot this, simply decrease the speed all the way to the first level and test it on the nail.

If you’re a righty, sweeping the handpiece from right to left, the rotations have to go the opposite of that, so left to right, or clockwise. You should feel a little bit of resistance.

The same thing for the opposite direction. 

Next up is the Kanon Efile.

It is also portable, but not completely cordless, as the handpiece attaches to the control box. However, if you detach the adaptor, it is still powered and continues working.

The Kanon operates at 35,000 RPM, the handpiece, I believe, is the exact one as their Sparkle Pro Efile, which I have reviewed in the past. Make sure you give that video a watch after this video.

Then, there is this floating little arm thingy with a soft grip landing area for your efile. Let’s see it in action now.

Hold up! Wait a minute… Uhm they totally printed my name on this handpiece. You’re finding out just as I am, how cool!

Alright back to this unboxing. I just totally had to update you in real-time because that was so special.

Ok, the functions are easy to find, the direction of the efile rotations are on the left side.

The charger attaches to the back. The speed is this big dial in the center and the screen shows you how fast you are going. From 0-35,000 RPM, but of course, the dial screen does not show the 3 zero’s.

Alright, let’s put it to the test (see video at minute mark 9:46). To do so I’m going to remove the power cable just so we can truly experience its compactness.

Ok. First things first if you are a righty switch the direction of the rotations to forward. Then increase your speed to the number you want depending on the task at hand.

Alright. After testing out the Melodysusie Kanon Portable Efile for gel removal I can tell you that everything felt strong and steady. Super low vibration, smooth sounding, it did get off to a slow start with a little bit of crackling just before the motor kicked in to start the bit spinning.

Overall, I am super impressed, especially with Melodysusie Atena Cordless Efile. It literally sat on my shelf unopened because I thought… seriously How amazing can it be? But it totally impressed me!

And the Kanon, it’s also super sleek and lightweight has a cool stand to hold it unto.

The price honestly makes me a bit nervous, but if it can last you a few years it is totally worth it. These efiles I understand come with a 6-month warranty with availability to extend for another 6 months if you fill out the card inside, and they currently offer a 30-day refund.

Thank you so much for joining me for this unboxing. If you’d like to download my free Efile & Implements Comparison Guide CLICK HERE to get it.

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