How To Shape Nails Narrow

Ever since I’ve been doing my own nails, I have cared about my nails ending narrow. My nails always had been on the wide-side so it was a detail I couldn’t dismiss every time I sat down to do my nails or had them done. 

When they were done at a salon I’d made sure to ask for them to be filed in, which now as a professional I understand that that cuts into the structure of the nail. So what to do?

My first recommendation is to switch to soft gel. Soft gel gives the nails a natural pinch, which naturally makes the nails narrow. From there it is just a matter of finding the corners of the cuticle area, and those of the free-edge (Yes, even if they are not squared nails, there are still corners to be found), and marrying everything strategically into the shape and narrowness you desire.

Very little “side-filing” is done which protects the integrity of the nail.

When you’re ready to watch step-by-step, hit play!


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Content written by Paola Ponce 

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