Why Manicurists May Lose Their Right To Booth Rent | With Jaime Schrabeck

In the beginning, many techs choose to become employees or booth renters… but one of these very popular options may be going away at the end of this year… And that is booth renting.

A booth renter, if you’re not familiar with this business model in the industry, allows licensed beauticians to rent space under one licensed establishment and individually operate as their own boss/business.

Hairdressers rent a chair, nail techs typically rent an open section, and estheticians often rent a room. 

However, California nail techs will lose their right to be renters after this year, (Yes. Only nail techs.) if a new bill is not introduced to remove the exemption on manicurist’s right to booth rent.

My purpose with today’s interview is to shed light to this topic as a former booth renter, and do my part to bring our industry just a tad closer, to help one another.

Today I’m sitting down with Jaime Schrabeck of Precision Nails in Carmel, California.

Jamie is a nail tech, salon owner, educator, expert witness, and advocate for the industry, and she actually holds a Ph.D in Education.

Being in the frontlines as an advocate for our industry for well over a decade, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with us, so make sure to listen to the entire interview for context and to know what is your part in this situation.

When you’re ready to learn more, hit play.


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Content written by Paola Ponce 

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