HUGE Nail Haul | Japanese & Korean Gel Brands… Mostly (March 2022)

Hi there! and welcome, welcome. This is a less descriptive video and more taking you with me on a nail haul (a very pricey nail haul) where I’m just going to show you some things I’ve been ordering for practicing or tutorials here, or just kinda curious and for myself.

Before we start I want to leave this here in case you are interested in the items from my trusted brands. Use 10% off with code PPN10 at Zillabeu, Kokoist, Daily Charme, and NashlyNails.

Let’s get to it.

I really, really enjoy testing and reviewing efiles and curing units because they are so important for your business because, you know, this is how we make nails. 

MelodySusie, 2 in 1 Nail Lamp and Nail Drill. 

Yes, this is a curing unit and an efile machine. The unit has a detachable bottom for easy access, curing times touch buttons on top (12, 30, 60sec and low heat), and a forward and reverse button. You adjust the speed with a dial in the middle and have a place for placing the efile attachment on top. (You can review more details, or purchase here).

As far as how it feels? Quality, quite frankly. MelodySusie has upped their game in the last three years. They sent me a portable efile not too long ago and I went on and bought the white color version for myself because I liked the vibration, especially for home use or as a spare. I will no longer spend a lot of money on efiles, I think MelodySusie does a good job offering an affordable item to have as a second or a spare. I am content with that as far as that. Otherwise, I do have a quality efile the Saeshin(still very inexpensive and use PPN5 for 5% discount), the staple on Russian manicuring. 

Moving along, we have my favorites and many of you too, items from Zillabeau. If you get on their website, everything is pretty much irresistible. 


From The Nail F Gel File and Buffer Set

This kit has the perfect file grit for natural nails, 180/240, and also the shape of the emery board is perfect to get in tight spaces/corners and shape the natural nail to perfection. 

I like to purchase products from companies that I love and trust. Even though I haven’t used From the Nail, the distributor is the same as Leafgel. 

From the Nail Magnetic Gel Nail Polish – Angel Eyes IV -Light Angel Collection.

This is the new-new trendy unicorn holographic cat-eye gel, holo is always going to be in, right? 

I wanted to get this so you can see the difference because, so many brands are coming out with their own holographic cat-eye gel, in case you are in the market for your own. The collection comes with instructions and a cute swatch display. 

For the swatching I will be using my Aleana hand products, I have the info here (save 5% w/ code PPN5) if you are interested. I cannot recommend any brand better than Aleana, I tried Red Iguana and other brands but this is my favorite. 

Candy+ Liner L Brush 

Made in Japan. Candy+ is one of the latest luxury nail gel brands in Japan. They focus on Japanese and Russian manicure techniques and easy-touse products. Cool! 

I got this brush because I wanted to see if this brand’s liner was going to be a firm, firm liner and if it looks like something that I already have or different. Again, I was looking for a thicker, firmer liner, I will try it and update you about it. 

Candy+ 3D Gel

This is a modeling gel and you use this type of very hard gel to mold 3D pieces of nail art. Will I be brave enough to wear them myself? I don’t know yet hehe. I can not stress this enough, seriously, wear gloves when using this product; allergies are real and the more you expose yourself to uncured products, the more probe you’ll be. 

Same as holo magnetic gel, many brands are coming out with their own 3D gel with different colors and glitters, just make sure to always wear gloves, deal? 

Candy+ Fill Drill Bit 

Perfect 3-in-1 Fill drill bit! It gently and thoroughly removes oil and moisture on the nail surface, prevents gel peeling off.  It’s 3 in 1 because it has fine, medium, and coarse all in 1 bit. It is on the pricey side ($40.00 USD), so I hope it lasts a long time. I will add this to an upcoming efile bits video, where I’ll demo this bit for you. Coming soon! 

Lily Gel Brush Oval+

Made in Japan, this shape of the brush is one of my favorites for color application, similar to my Vetro’s round brush. I like to remove the sticky layer on the bristles from a new brush, and then condition with a clear gel. I like Kokoists brush cleaning gel, but if you don’t have that one or you are allergic to HEMA (there is HEMA in the Kokoist one), then you can use a liquidy clear gel, like a base gel, matte topcoat, or a clear mixing gel. 

Kira Kira Holographic Green Glitter 

I got this one as a gift, but they have different KiraKira glitters on the Zillabeu website. Reflective/holographic, glow in the dark, temperature-changing ones, let me know if you have tried any.

make.N Jelly Toe Separators 

It was just time to get them. You use these to place them between the toes and separate them. They are good for clients that have mobility difficulties, where they cannot separate their fingers; you know, just a tip in case you ever encounter a situation like that. Also, how cute are these? They look like real candy.


This jewelry mold can help you create custom-made crystals, jewelry, and decorations. All you need to do is drop gel on the mold and cure. If you are feeling creative, add some color or glitters and see what you can come up with!

make.N Charms 

I believe this brand is from Korea and I ordered a bunch of these in the spirit of being fun and creative. When you order like this make sure to count them and the next tip is: You have to retail these to your clients. You are paying for only 1 charm, so make sure that when you offer these as a service or press-on’s, you are charging at least twice what you paid for. 

Leafgel Colors #522-#527

This is one of their latest color releases, there are so many, I cannot keep up. Leafgel colors are so beautiful, creamy, pigmented, and easy to apply. This collection is more on the translucent side.

Alright, that was all from Zillabeau, now we move on to another loved brand: Daily Charme

Daily Charme

Between Daily Charme and Zillabeu, I’m starting to have problems as far as which one is more sparkly and fun to order from hehe. So, you tell me.

Mystery Glitter pack

I ordered a mystery glitter bundle. This bundle comes with 12 glitter jars and since it’s the mystery bundle, they throw their own choices in there. 

Charme Crystal Rivoli Round Pointed Back Mix

These 3D large crystals are not Swarovsky, but I know they try to source high-quality multi reflective crystals for their own brand. Usually what you do is pair 3 of these together to create one piece. I really like the color combinations and the shine.

Metallic Watercolor Nailart Palette 

Hand-milled metallic watercolor pigments made with natural mica. Use this colorful palette to add metallic texture and pearlescent shimmers to your nail design, it’s perfect for creating natural stone nails and marble nails. There are 20 jars in this palette and the colors are: black, white, grey, gold, rose gold, bronze, brown, copper, light green, green, teal, moss green, royal blue, purple, silver, lilac, mauve, orange, red and pink.

To use these you just need water, drop a little drop on the jar, and use on matte surfaces. The ingredients are mica and gum arabic, so this is perfect for anyone with allergies or sensibility to chemicals. This is made in Taiwan.

Daily Charme Charms 

I bought different charms here, some nuisance gold accents that I can use with my Kokoist gem gel or 3D gel. Large aurora butterflies in color white and pink, pearly flowers with a flat base for easy placement, aurora round flatback crystals that look like water droplets, and finally these super yummy gummy-like charms. Don’t you feel like biting one? But don’t do it lol. 

Chameleon Star Sparkle Glitter Mix 

I added this beautiful chameleon color-shifting star sparkle glitters. These are perfect for galaxy nails, cloud nails, or just adding a shiny accent to your next manicure!

That is the last item from Daily Charme. We continue with Kokoist.


You may or may not know but all Kokoist brushes are hand-made in Kumano, Japan, super high-quality for the best gel application. Moving along we have the:

Gelip Case Box

In case you own Kokoist’s Gelip you can now use these boxes to keep your nail tips more organized. No more nail tips all over the place! Sizes are written on the top, so no need to waste time searching for the right size.

Includes stickers to customize. (AS, AM, OS, OL, SM, CL)

Ultra Diamond Non-Wipe Top Coat 

This topcoat has already glitter in it making it super easy to upgrade a one-color mani or nail art design with a sparkly touch. They have the rainbow glitter version too. It’s up to you if you want to charge extra for this top coat, I wouldn’t personally, I like to create client loyalty and this is an easy free thing. Remember, easy free things. If it comes easy for you then you can make it part of your premium price service. 

Unicorn’s Eye Magnetic Gel

This one was just released two weeks ago. Kokoist offers this universal shade so you can use this gel on top of any base or color gel.

That is all from Kokoist, I know they have a collection coming up (very exciting)!


Next up is NashlyNails. They are one of my favorite brands to order from because they carry brands like Staleks, and I say Staleks with a heavy heart because they are based in Ukraine and they are currently going through a horrible situation, and I don’t know what else to say about that, anyway, well get back to that. ICEGEL is another brand they carry, they are from Korea and I got these super fun gels.

ICEGEL Lollipop Gel Polish 

You can create fun designs applying this gel as polish to see the confetti inside or you can use it to create lines and borders and make raised nail art. Very colorful and fun!

IBDI Water Nail Decals

These will be super fun to play with. High-quality water decals, easy to use, and lay flat on the nail. 


These are aurora effect perforated sheets. Instead of cutting the film to fit the nail and create the very trendy “ice nails” or “aurora nails”, you can just peel off one of the shapes from the sheet and overlay it. They come in 9 color-shifting colors. 

ICEGEL Aurora Nail Kit 

This set comes with everything you need to create the “aurora nail” that kept popping in your IG stories. They created this kit so you have everything ready to go. The kit has 2 nail powders, 2 nail foils, ICEGEL topcoat, and hard gel for the overlay step and gives the aurora effect. Very cool! 

ICEGEL Unicorn Gel Polish 

This is a two-bottle set. Unicorn Galaxy has 7 colors of the rainbow depending on the angle. 1335 – Shimmer Pearl magnetic gel with 7 different unicorn colors. It is filled with a small powder of calm and luxurious shimmering particles, allowing the rainbow coloring to show with fine movements of magnets. 1336 – Shimmer Pearl, which is filled with seven unicorn color powders and a magnetic gel that has Shell pearls. Similar to the Star Galaxy Nail Season 4 Milky Way, the color base contains a magenta pearl.

The reason why the Ukraine situation is too touching is that the company that my husband works for has the majority of the company based out of Ukraine and you can’t even believe the messages we get from his co-workers, I mean things like, “I’m in a bomb shelter” “I’m still working, I still have internet somehow” “this is horrible”. 

I just wish what didn’t happen to you it’s just going to be oblivious to this stuff, again, think that it kind of happens to us. It’s a real-world with real evil and sometimes it happens to others, sometimes to us, anyway guys just sharing.

Alright guys, other than that, that is it from me. I am wrapping up this mega haul here, I think I got everything, right? I will be creating content about the different unicorn magnetic gels from the different brands, how they compare and contrast, and all that nail-geeky-fun stuff we love here.  Thank you for tuning in and until the next one. Bye for now…

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