6 Easy Magnetic Nail Art Designs using Kokoist Dragon’s Eye Gel

Easy Magnetic Nail Art Designs | Cat eye gel polish can look fun, easy and dimensional, but sometimes it’s also easy to draw a blank when creating cat gel designs.

This video will show you easy magnetic nail art designs and techniques that you can apply, recreate or even give your own twist to. Magnetic gel polish can often be classified as 3D, 5D, 7D, and even 9D, but several sources tell me it’s essentially all marketing. It can refer to the amount of shades included in one gel, but more often you will see 3 or 5 shades within “one color”. Occasionally with “7d gel” and “9d gel” you may be able to see more colors.

Kokoist’s new cat eye gel is labeled as “Dragon’s Eye” gel btw, but that is only because they had already previously come out with a a cat eye gel polish.

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