6 Easy Magnetic Nail Art Designs using Kokoist Dragon’s Eye Gel

Easy Magnetic Nail Art Designs: Cat eye gel polish can look fun, easy, and dimensional, but sometimes it’s also easy to draw a blank when creating cat gel designs.

This video will show you easy magnetic nail art designs and techniques that you can apply to recreate or even give your own twist.

Kokoist‘s new cat eye gel is labeled as “Dragon’s Eye” gel btw, but that is only because they had already previously come out with a cat-eye gel polish.

The collection includes 6 gels, each gel expresses up to 7 color variations.

All the designs will have 1 layer of highly pigmented black as base.

Let’s begin!

Design #1: Florals

Using this tool, hover it over the areas where you want the floral design to appear, like so.

You can add fun embellishments on top, using an accessory gel to adhere them.

I like to keep a tray with miscellaneous studs and crystals ready to go.

Desing #2: Floral Ombre

Using a rectangular magnet, place close to the free edge to push the glitter to the cuticle area. Once you have the desired placement, use the floral tool and create flowers like in design #1.

I added a few studs for definition.

Design #3: Linear sweep

Another cool magnet tool that you can use in many different ways. I am going for a sweep vibe, like so.

Design #4: Animal Spots

This very simple tool can be used to create dots or “spots” like I am doing here.

Cure your design. Then use color to go over the spots to give it the “animal print” effect.

Design #5 Spacey

Out-of-this-world design can be achieved using the small circle magnet. Usually, the slim rectangular magnets have this type of magnet on the other end. Use it to create a “black hole” design and then add some fun touches after curing it.

Design #6 Magnetic Elegance

Use the slim rectangle again to create this super easy and elegant magnetic effect. Place the magnet on top of the nail and hover over the nail for a few seconds, this will attract all the glitter particles into a straight line, and depending on which side you use, different line shapes, Try it!

Whick one was your favorite? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below :).

Alrighy, that is magnetic gel nail art tricks for you. I cannot wait to see what designs you come up with! Feel free to tag me ;). Thank you again and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. I did a nail today using light elegance color and top coat then I applied the dragons eye over that. The finished look was a if the base color was blotchy. Should I use a different base color?

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