What Problem Can Japanese Gel Help You Solve? Why use soft potted gel?

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Alright, now to today’s topic:

What Problem Can Japanese Gel Help You Solve? Why use soft potted gel?

Trends and gimmicks come and go but real problem-solving products stand the test of time.

For example, when gel polish blew up back in 2009, you may have been hesitant to follow this new trend of polishing natural nails with a light-curing polish-like product; but soon, very soon many companies were convinced this was here to stay and quickly began developing (or more like white labeling) their own gel polish line of products.

 Ten plus years later gel polish or brush-on bottle gel remains.

What big problem did gel polish solve?…

The problem of regular polish chipping in just a few days and extending the wear period of polished nails to an average of 2 weeks. 

Now let’s fast forward things a bit. It’s 2017 and Apres Soft Gel Extensions roll out, with a strong and convincing campaign that pressing on full coverage tips with soft gel is the new way to gel extensions. You’re like, hold up… wait a minute, but then you try it for yourself, and you’re like howdy! This looks and feels amazing, and most importantly lasts a very long time. 

You gave it a chance, and not only you but just about every gel nail company. Now, as you know, there is an abundance of choices as it pertains to full coverage tips.

What big problem did Apres Full Coverage tips solve?

The problem of having to buy into a whole new system (i.e. acrylic or hard gel) to create long extensions. And also taking the prosthetic feel of those on our natural nails and rather creating lightweight extensions super quickly without having to jump on to offering those hard gel or acrylic nail services.

Alright, now that we have some context as to why some trends stick… Let’s now talk about,

What problem does Japanese Gel helps you resolve?

First off, what is Japanese Gel?

Japanese gel is typically a soak-off gel most commonly manufactured in pots that are made in Japan.

I like to give it its own category of systems as “soft potted gel”, especially so that I can also present and credit the pioneer of soft potted gel formulas, Bio Sculpture Gel, which is actually manufactured in South Africa, not in Japan, and invented soft potted gel way back in 1988.

(Now as a side note, in the industry we typically use the words soft gel and soak-off gel interchangeably.)

So let’s recap. Soft potted gel is typically…

  • In a pot.
  • Soak-off (or you can say soft gel).
  • And made in Japan, except for the inventors of it, Bio Sculpture Gel.

And so, while it is becoming ever so popular, soft potted gel is definitely not a trend. It is a problem-solving way of doing nails, therefore, it is here to stay. 

Just like the inventions we mentioned earlier. Gel polish and full coverage tips are problem-solving products.

And this is our topic for today’s blog!

What problems do soft potted gel systems solve?

Soft potted gel systems solve, Problem #1:

The ability to create gel overlays and extensions with the use of only one nail system soft gel, or more specifically soft potted gel.

Not just full coverage tip extensions, but rather the OG way of creating gel extensions using forms and even half tips. I did both, forms and half tips for years in the salon, and they were super popular.

If you’re wondering how sculpted soft gel extensions wear, they feel oh so natural and lightweight, even when you use half-tips. Almost as if they were your very own natural nails, grown out.

You see, when you’re offering a scattered amount of products and services to your clients you will have to store all of the different items in your drawers, wall mounts, and so on. 

You’ll be buying the latest release of each, while the majority of your stuff, frankly, just collects dust. Soft potted gel systems allow you to do it all using only one nail system.

Soft potted gel systems solve, Problem #2:

Gel nail lifting issues.

Because soft potted gel systems offer different flexibilities within their gel products, you can actually tailor the client’s service to the best gel option according to their natural nails flexibility and the gel’s own flexibility.

Here’s the really cool part, soft potted gel, like Japanese Gel and Bio Sculpture, tends to be more flexible.

This mightily works to your advantage because all of your nail clients have flexible nails to some degree, which means 99% of them will be candidates for soft potted gel. 

This means you won’t have to go hunting for any new invention of nail systems. You’ll be able to waive Hello! at anything new and carry on with your business… because your lifting issues 9 times out of 10 will be resolved just by using soft potted gel.

The amazing thing about soft potted gel systems is that not a single brand I know or work with requires the use of a bonder or dehydrator.

For me, that was worth the transition and definitely the investment to start specializing only in this type of nail system

Solving gel nail lifting mysteries, 100% boosts your confidence as a gel nail stylist.

Because (and you may know my very popular phrase by now) … When your nails stick… so will your clients.

(Feel free to screenshot and tag me!)

Soft potted gel systems solve, Problem #3:

Not sticking out among the competition.

Ok. Hear me out, you’re probably like … What?! How in the world do soak-off gels make me stick out?

Well, sorry to answer a question with a question, but I got a question for you.

Out of all of the nail businesses in your area, which you may or may not consider competition… How many of them are offering soft potted gel systems? And in the rare case that they are, how many of them strictly offer it as a specialization?

Do you see how you would stick out like a pretty sore thumb among your so-called competition?

With the solving-problem possibilities of creating gel overlays, gel extensions, and numerous nail art styles. To the problem-solving of mastering all of your nail lifting issues, to stick out amongst your competitors for offering something different. Something that actually delivers the desired outcome that your client wants, which is simply, beautiful long-wearing gel nails.

Yes, you may have the most beautiful and clean salon, with a client beverage of choice but if those gel nails are not beautiful to them and they don’t last past a week, you will struggle to keep that client, real talk.

So then soft potted gel systems become a no-brainer, and that is why I have loyally used them for 8+years.

First as a specialized nail tech and now as a specialized educator.

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