Japanese Gel & Korean Gel Nail Products HUGE NAIL HAUL

Hey there, I just HAULED a ton of new Japanese and Korean gel nail products and I thought I’d share the excitement with you on a nail products haul video! (Background cheer noise).

In case you were wondering, not everything in this video was sent as PR; in fact, I bought around 70% of the items here which later on I gift to my students as part of class competitions ;).

All of the items are from our affiliate partners and you can support my work by shopping with the links or codes listed below. If you have any questions regarding these products leave me a comment below.

With that said thank you to all our brand partners who have supported us this year!

Now, let’s begin:

Leafgel Premium

Leafgel is a Japanese Gel Nail company distributed by Zillabeau. Leafgel also has a sister brand called Lily Gel. And I picked up some goodies from them also. You can shop anything at Zillabeau at 10% off using my affiliate code PPN10.

Lily Gel Cordless LED Light Lamp (Dual-wave): $150.00 USD, available at Zillabeu. This lamp comes with a detachable mirror base. The battery lasts about 2-3 hours (continuous use) when fully charged and the charging time is 3 hours. You can use the lamp with the cord attached. Motion sensor on/off. The lamp timer is 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec, and 120 sec (Low Heat mode). Beautiful soft pearly pink design with a sphere-like body. Talk about cute.

Lily Gel Fragranced Hand Mist. $9.00 USD. This fragrance hand mist is perfect for sealing in moisture and giving your hands a soft and dewy glow. Made from tea tree, argan oil, and other natural products. Perfect for a moisturized finish after any manicure application.

Lily Gel Art Brush. $21.00 USD. Comes with a pink cap, perfect for drawing thin lines and detailed designs Hair length: 12mm / Hair width: 0.8mm / Brush length: 175mm.

Lily Gel Brush Oval and Flat. $21.00 USD ea.  Lily Gels gel brushes for gel application. The oval brush head size is 7mm x 5 mm. It is smaller than the oval brush+, which is their other oval brush (reminiscent of the “Smoosh ” brush from Nail Thoughts by Kokoist). Pretty light pink color handle with a touch of sparkle on the handle and gold cap. 

The flat bush comes in a darker 

Lily Gel Knock Knock Perfect Set. $65.00 USD is available at Zillabeu. Lily Gel’s x knockknock.nail collab. This famous celebrity Japanese salon is popular for its ultra sugary style! Their signature looks to feature a mix of glitter, iridescent powders, deco parts, and pink accents combined to make the cutest designs. The perfect set includes ?K01-Crumbly Cherry Gel, ?K02-Peach Whip Gel, ?Lavender Silk Mirror Powder, ?Aurora Heart Rhinestones, ?Flower Garden Rhinestones, ?Iridescent Pink Flakie Powder, ?Iridescent Purple Flakie Powder.

Leafgel Classy Lamé Glitter Series. $20.00 USD each, available at Zillabeu. Colors: 481-486. 4g/each. 

Leafgel Cream Gel. $14.00 The cream-gel consistency creates the perfect smooth application without the product running.

Leafgel Mixing Gel. $18.00-29.00 USD. Size 4g/8g.

Leafgel Starry Night Series. $20.00USD  ea. Size 4g Colors: 321 Star Light Rose, 322 Star Purple, 323 Star Light Blue, 324 Star Brown. 

Leafgel color. $20.00USD ea. 4g. Perfect syrup fall colors! Use these colors to create the trendy “tortoiseshell” look or nuisance fall art! Colors: 518 Maple Orange, 519 Honey Brown, 520 Almond Brown, 521 Brownie Brown. 

Jinaunni Blue Violet Mermaid Powder. $29.00 USD, available at Zillabeu. Ch

Make.N Unicorn Aurora Nail Film. $3.50 USD, available at Zillabeu. Perfect aurora fil to create “Ice nails” or “Aurora Nails” 

Make. N Easy Curve Ivy Charm. $3.00 USD. These popular charms are perfect to frame crystals, stickers, or by themselves. Get creative.

Mithmillo Cakegel. This is one of the newest exciting brands from Korea, where they brought Cake-gel vegan and HEMA-free formula. Cake gel has a thicker viscosity to suspend pigment and place glitter with precision without having to use mixing palettes or isolating glitter pigments.  The packaging is very innovative where it comes in compacts with a lid to keep the product clean and secure with no spillage. The lid comes with a real swatch of the color inside and the product trays are refillable! Isn’t this a dream?  

Mithmillo Milkponge and Easy Picker. $13.00, $9.00 USD Professional nail sponge for nail art, Completed testing from stationery sponge to cleaning sponge, As well as a makeup sponge. Is most suitable for gradation nails. Quantity: 100pcs, Size: 16g, Made in Korea. The Easypicker tool picks up sponges and prevents gels from getting on the artists’ nails.

Nashly Nails & Ageha 

When it comes to efiles, look no further than the South Korean Brand Saeshin. Husband and wife owners at Nashlynails will touch nothing else, and for 10 years they have owned the same Saeshin efile machine. As they grow their online store, they couldn’t do so without sharing their love for this brand, and opting in for distributing them. I’ve got mine (the Saeshin Strong 210) and if you too want the efile machine loved by Eastern Europeans for the Russian Manicure, you can get yours at 5% off using my affiliate code PPN5, just head on over to Nashlynails.com

SAESHIN Strong 210 / 120 E-file nail drill machine. $180.00 USD, available at Nashly Nails. SAESHIN nail drill machines are the gold standard of drill machines in Russia and they are manufactured in South Korea. Extremely high-quality products. This nail drill fits any standard e-file bit. 5,000 to 30,000 RPMS and it does not bog at all when using pedicure discs or larger abrasives on the machine. 

Ageha Candy Powder (CA01 & CA02). $10.95/USD ea, available at Nail Labo. Ageha Candy Powder- Aurora & Metallic Collection. This is a colored glass powder that shines like colorful candy. It can also be used as glitter by mixing with Ageha Mixing Gel.Contents: Approximately 0.5g.


The BEST hand, hands down! I became aware of the Aleana Hand when they so kindly reached out to me to give me one as a gift! I’ve owned a few brands, and this one is hands down (pun intended!) the best hand. I’ve since joined their affiliate program, and you can get your hands on one of these at 5% off, using my affiliate code PPN5. Just go to aleana-hand.com

Aleana Hand Magnetic Practice LifeLike Half Hand. ~$118-$237USD.

High-Quality Silicone Practice LifeLike Half Hand is available in regular collections and magnetic collections. Available in 3 different skin tones and even tattooed styles. 2 types: posable and non-poseable. 

Aleana Hand Magnetic Practice Holder.  ~$23.00 USD

The strong magnetic force securely holds your Aleana practice full hand / half hand / half foot / finger / thumb. The 360 degree rotatable and extendable telescopic arm. The suction cup with the sticky gel on the base provides a strong, secure hold power on the flattest surface. 

Aleana Hand Practice Finger.  ~$40.00-$64.00 USD Regular and Magnetic Collection. Available in 3 different skin tones and even tattooed styles. 2 types: posable and non-poseable. 


Kokoist is one of the main brands that I love and trust. Their products always keep up with their quality standards, great prices and keep up with the newest trends! From their oh-so-amazing Ultra Glossy Top Coat, buttery colors, saturated glitters, brushes, the list goes on. They just released new products for 3D art and a new (updated) non-wipe accessory gel that works like a charm with chrome powders. Check out their new items at Kokoist and use code PPN10 to save 10% off your entire purchase.  

Kokoist Turquoise Series. $64.80 USD, available at Kokoist. Excel Line Soak Off Color Gel 2.5g  Colors: E-255 Istanbul Turquoise, E-256 Santa Fe Turquoise, E-257 Sedona Turquoise, E-258 Persian Turquoise, E-259 Mexican Turquoise, E-260 Rocky Mt. Turquoise.

Kokoist Lint-free Wipes. $5.80 USD. 100% cotton, 5.8cmx 6.0cm 300 sheets.

Kokoist Cordless Mini Light Milk Cake +Compact Holder set. $53.50 USD.  Manual LED light with compact holder. Perfect for applying Gelip. Lasts up to 2 hrs when fully charged. Separate button for sensor activation light.

Kokoist Boba Gel. Boba Gels are a 3D modeling gel that has a gummy-like texture. 

High viscosity $21.50 USD

Low viscosity $16.00 USD 

Kokoist Non-Wipe Accessory Bond $15.00 USD best used for fastening parts such as stones. Since it is Non-Wipe, chrome pens and powder adheres firmly. 

Daily Charme

Nail art. If you are looking for good-quality nail art products, you go to Daily Charme. They have everything, and I mean gels, gel polish, stickers, charms, glitters, tools, crystals, etc. Make sure to check them out since they are always having a sale or a promotion going on, AND you can save even more when you enter PPN10 at checkout for an additional 10% off your purchase. They just launched a full cover tips line with beautiful colors and shapes. 

BLC Original Scissors. $35.00 USD, available at Daily Charme. Highly coveted in Japan, these antique golden scissors by BLC are not only beautiful but are also made with special care to guarantee their quality. Blade size: 30mm.

Leakproof Custom Gel Color Mixing Jars / Set of 6. $8.00 USD. Great for glitter gel mixes, easy to stir and apply, mix your own gel colors and safely store them, keep the lip of the jar clean and free of gel for a tighter seal. Jar size: 5ml jars, set of 6 

Daily Charme Gel Extension Tips. $29.99 USD, Available at Daily Charme. Made with soft gel, each nail tip is molded into a smooth surface with a perfect C curve which means no major shaping or filing is necessary. Available in clear, blush and ivory colors with shapes from long coffin, medium coffin, long stiletto, medium almond, medium square to medium lipstick!

Unichrome / Aurora Unicorn Chrome Powder. $25.00 USD. Available at Daily Charme. Use this Unichrome powder to create a dreamy reflective iridescent rainbow finish over any base color. 

Daily Charme 3-Step Extension Essential Kit. $40.00 USD. Includes: PH-Balance Dehydrating Primer, Acid-free No Lifting Bonder, and Nail Tip Extension Gel, size: 15ml / 0.50oz ea

Amaily Japanese Nail Art stickers. Price:$7.50 USD.

Manicure Drill Bit / Ceramic Rounded Barrel / Medium, $15.00 USD 

Manicure Drill Bit / Diamond Baby Barrel, $10.00 USD 

Daily Charme Peel-Off Cuticle Guard, $12.00 USD, Fast-drying latex-based liquid that dries into a protective barrier to help keep nail polish or gel off your skin.

Daily Charme Watercolor Art Ink Set / 12 Bottles. $120.00 USD. 11 colors + 1 blending liquid, fast-drying formula with the perfect ratio of acetone and alcohol Size: 15ml / 0.50oz Made in Taiwan. Colors are Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, lime, turquoise, aqua, blue, purple, hot pink. 


Vetro, Japan’s #1 gel polish brand. This company brings us an array of colors like no other. Their clear gels are some of the best, as my beloved builder gel and their brushes will last you forever. This time I got a pretty chill collection and an eye-catching one. Sunset Chill Collection comes in sheer syrup type of gels in muted purple-gray colors. The glowing green and blue are “ peek a boo” colors, where you can highlight anything on the nail making it glow in the dark.  

Vetro BN048 Glowing Blue. $15.99 USD. Glow in the dark effect gel. 

Vetro BN047 Glowing Green. $15.99 USD. Glow in the dark effect gel. 

Vetro Sunset Chill Collection. $15.99. 4ml/0.13oz Sheer Greige colors.  488 Cozy Night, 487 Shisha Flavor, 486 Pink Sunset, 485 Chill Time.

What do you think? Plenty of super cute, exciting products right?. Are you particularly excited about a specific product? Have you tried any of these before? Let me know in the comments below! If you are interested in any of the products just click the brand name to go directly to the website and don’t forget to type your PPN10 coupon at checkout for a 10% discount on your purchase. Happy shopping! 

Thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoyed this haul as much as I did. Until next time… Byee.

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