Japanese Gel vs Poly Gel

Japanese Gel vs Poly Gel, is it even a fair match?

Well, frankly it is not.

They are 2 very different products.

What exactly are their differences?

In general, poly gel is easier to use for beginners. It is also very functional when you are sculpting extreme shapes. For whatever your needs may be, long, extreme, sculpted… with poly gel you can add the volume you need, very quick. So do we do away with Japanese Gel? of course not! Japanese gel for the experienced nail tech is easy. And herein lies the second biggest difference between the two, poly gel is more beginner friendly than JG. Whenever touching any gel from a Japanese gel nail brand, do not do so trying to make it fit into a box, it simply won’t. It is different and I always highly encourage all who want to experiment with it to take some sort of brand certification training to learn its unique attributes… you’ll enjoy using them very much. 

Easily get passed the next catchy or trendy name by learning the baseline for all gels.

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