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The Nail Affiliate Course is a digital course designed to help you make commissions on your favorite nail products by learning about content creation. NA gives you the step-by-step and the inside scoop on the simple yet effective strategies that bring my top brand partners over six figures in revenue each year. 

 In Nail Affiliate, I’ll virtually walk you by the hand to ask for your first nail affiliate partnership as well as pull back the curtain and unveil my simple converting strategies to continue making recurring money as an affiliate.

It is pre-recorded in high quality audio and video, ready for you to start watching. You’ll have lifetime access to this training. Watch and re-watch from anywhere, at any time!

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You don’t have to dream about becoming a partner with your favorite brand, or even just dreaming of making additional income for your business. After completing and implementing Nail Affiliate, you will confidently seek opportunities and post educational and engaging content that leads to sales of your product recommendations without feeling like a used car salesman.

Here’s what you will learn inside Nail Affiliate:

  • What is an affiliate?
  • What the entrepreneurial hierarchy looks like
  • Who should consider becoming an affiliate?
  • Typical pay structure for nail affiliates
  • How are your sales tracked as an affiliate?
  • How-to pitch yourself for an affiliate opportunity
  • Finally! The 3 types of posting strategies for affiliates, including very specific strategies for each of those posting strategies!

Lesson snippets:

Lesson 1: What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is a business relationship between an individual and a business who sells services or goods. It is a symbiotic relationship
where the affiliate promotes the businesses’ products for a commission.

Lesson 2: The Entrepreneurial Hierarchy

Your entrepreneurial hierarchy is the pecking order you assign all of your sources of revenue as your own boss.

Most likely as a nail stylist your entrepreneurial hierarchy consists of:

  • Your products or services
  • Affiliates
  • Platform pay
  • Other sporadic incentives

Lesson 3: Who should consider becoming an affiliate?

To become an affiliate for a nail business, you can be a licensed professional or just a DIYer.

Regardless of which one you are, I believe that there are two candidates who should consider becoming an affiliate.

  • #1 The person who is always using the same products, and
  • #2 The person who is consistently creating content

P.S. Simple courtesies as an affiliate.

Becoming an affiliate means you are making a time commitment to create content for your brand partner.

It’s simple, if you cannot make the content in a timely manner for them, do not take the products.

Lesson 4: What is the typical pay structure for nail affiliates?

Nail affiliates usually make commissions ranging from 5%-15% on physical products, and up to 50% on digital products.

Some businesses have it so that all commissions are approved immediately after the sale happens. Others manually review and approve each commission at the end of the month or before paying you. You will learn specifics and my experience on what works in this lesson.

In addition, we’ll talk about affiliate restrictions to keep in mind.

Lesson 5: How are your sales tracked as an affiliate?

Sales as an affiliate are tracked via a unique affiliate link or a unique code that the business for whom you are an affiliate for and creating content generates using affiliate software.

Some affiliates will do both for you, a unique affiliate link or code. This is preferred. Others one or the other.

In this lesson, you will learn why you should or should not care about which option you are offered.

Lesson 6: How to pitch yourself for an affiliate opportunity?

Alright, by this lesson you are slowly but surely becoming an affiliate pro, and so by now you are probably like, “Where do I sign up to become an affiliate?’

The good news is that in my experience affiliate opportunities are ongoing and businesses are very open to accepting new affiliates.

And here is the better news, you don’t have to have a large audience to be approved. Brands typically don’t mind accepting new affiliates because they figure that the more people they have joyfully talking about their brands, the better!

By the end of this lesson you’ll have the confidence to make your first pitch!

Lesson 7: Posting Strategies

Now that you’ve been hopefully approved for at least one affiliate opportunity, you’re probably wondering what, where, and how often should you post?

In this lesson we are going to break down our efforts into these posting categories:

  • Evergreen Posting
  • Enterprising Posting
  • Casual Posting

They are in order of max revenue potential.  We’ll also be looking at high converting pillar topics to help boost your sales.

This Course Is A Must-Attend if…

  • You want to add another stream of revenue into your nail business
  • You are already an affiliate but you are not making sales
  • You are running out of content ideas to promote and sell the products you trust
  • You want to learn about more passive strategies to make sales as an affiliate

Still on the fence about joining me in this course? Watch a sample video from the first lesson of this course to learn a bit about my teaching style.


Because of the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds. Please read carefully or email us to ensure our courses are exactly what you need.

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