Ring Bling


In this course, we will be taking you step-by-step through the creation of 11 timeless ring designs using 3D molding gel.

This course is a bundle of >>11<< high definition, up close and personal recordings, with clear video focus and audio taught by Kokoist Alumni Federica Cimetti, and Paola Ponce.

This course is self-paced and you get lifetime access to it!



What if you never had to buy another big bulky embellishment that will sit in your drawer, unused, for weeks, months or even years?

What if you had a handful of solid ring nail art looks that you could always reference to use that 3D gummy gel you continuously put off to use… And when you do finally break it out, you don’t know what to create or what you create doesn’t come out according to your initial vision.

Listen creativity is unique, but while you draft out that unique ‘you-design’ it is a good idea to copy and re-create.

After weeks of playing with my 3D gummy gel and just coming out with ‘bah’ designs, I realized this is harder than it looks, even when I had all the feels and inspiration to create. Yet those scroll-stopping ring images make this process worthy.

I decided to connect with my student and Kokoist Alum (all the way from Italy! ) Federica Cimetti to help me put some 3D ring designs together, in our brand new course Ring Bling.

In Ring Bling we use soft gel nail products and 3D gummy gel to hand craft our own rings to any nail enhancement.

We came up with 11 ring design ideas that you can easily recreate or use as the base to your own creative ring nail art. Looks that are timeless, and that even your most conservative client could opt in to.

I really hope to meet you inside of this course!

What can you expect after purchasing this course?

  • Lifetime access to all 11 video recordings of each design. (Go at your own pace… but why wait?)
  • Product & materials list, including discount codes. (coming soon)



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