Master Gel Nails PRO


MGN Pro is now effectively my course suite. In other words, the home of all of my signature courses. When you buy MGN Pro, you get them all (current and future!)

And from now until Sept. 16th @ 8pm EDT, you get all of this at a very (makin’-me-nervous) low price:

That’s a grand total of $1825, with more courses and lessons to come!


So! What exactly is MGN Pro?

MGN Pro is the only program you’ll need to define your path in the nail industry. It offers all the courses you need to find out “your thing” in nails.

If you are a complete newbie at nails, or perhaps you’re already a nail tech but you are uncertain about how to achieve booked-solid success, then MGN Pro is the program for you.

MGN Pro is now effectively my course suite. In other words, the home of all of my signature courses. When you buy MGN Pro, you get them all (current and future!)

Over the last 3 years I have developed courses to help nail pros and enthusiasts…
master gel nails using soft gel only
master simple efile technique as natural nail and soft gel specialists
start a press-ons nail business
book themselves out with salon clients very soon after nail school!
These are the programs that have helped my students achieve the above:

  • Master Gel Nails
  • Efficient Efiling Masterclass
  • The Press-ons Lab
  • Client Booster Camp
    And guess what? Over 50% of my students are enrolled in more than two of the courses above! (With some eagerly waiting to sign up for others).

So it only made sense to bring you a program, that was all-encompassing (… like the whole enchilada kind-of-thing), all in one price.

In MGN Pro these courses and their lessons will be synchronized to take you from newbie or stuck status, to clarity and booked solid success.

MGN Pro has two core focuses

  1. Mastering your gel nail application because… if your nails don’t stick, neither will your clients (… via the Master Gel Nails Course, where you learn soft potted gel nail application step-by-step)
  2. Helping you get to booked solid success (… via the Client Booster Camp Course)

And! MGN Pro also has 3 supporting focuses:
#1 Help you master efile technique as a specialized soft gel nail stylist
#2 Start a press-ons nail business (you don’t have to be licensed to start here!)

And! Our newest baby 🥹 …
#3 Nail Affiliate 🙌🏼

… Our newest course that will help nail stylists (pro or DIY) earn commission on their favorite nail products! (you don’t have to be licensed for this either!)

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to have it all figured out before jumping into the world of nails, you simply need to know your options, and I truly believe MGN Pro is the program where those options lie.

Now I want to be clear…

When you sign up today you wont get access to all of the courses and their lessons immediately, and that is because this is a “group class event”. This means that in effort to get everyone to the finish line and complete the program, some lessons are released at a specific time.

… But once we deliver you all of the lessons, you’re getting LIFETIME ACCESS to all of them!

Immediately after signing up you will have access to
The Press-Ons Lab (TPL) Lessons and the Efficient Efiling Masterclass (EEM) Lessons.

The rest of the program is delivered this way:

  • Master Gel Nail Lessons drop September 19th.
  • Client Booster Camp Lessons drop September 26th.
  • Nail Affiliate Lessons drop October 3rd.
    And! I will also be having two live coaching sessions on September 21st and September 28th! This gives you an opportunity to get all of your questions answered while going through the program!

From now until September 16th @8pm EDT. You get to save $400 instantly and join at the BEST price!

So let me wrap this up by listing everything you’re getting again…

Lifetime Access to these courses:

  • Master Gel Nails Core Lessons ($597)[Sept. 19th]
  • Client Booster Camp ($297)[Sept. 26th]
  • Efficient Efiling Manicurist ($197)[Immediate Access]
  • The Press-ons Lab ($97)[Immediate Access]
  • Nail Affiliate ($397)[Debuts Oct. 3rd]
  • Two 60 minute LIVE coaching calls ($240) [Sept. 21 & 28]
    That is a whopping total of $1825! All for just $547, but only for the next 48 hours!

… With no catch other than wanting to make my literally life-changing, best selling courses, available to a very small, driven, ready-to-take-action-kind-of-group… at a practically no-risk price.

You get above and beyond what you pay. (Not kidding… I literally just read everything above, and second- guessed the price 🙈, but I know this opportunity will serve many!)

After this promotion MGN Pro will sell for $997 (that seems more like it right!?)

Alright, that is it for me! I hope I made this investment opportunity on yourself and goals very possible… but just in case, I’d also like to add a payment plan option to make this opportunity even more accessible.

P.S. Already signed up to any one of these courses but want to get into MGN Pro to get all of the courses? Hit “reply”, let me know and we’ll count what you’ve already spent on the certain program(s). If you’ve paid more than $547 we will upgrade to MGN Pro, so that you can get the rest of the cou


To further validate your enrollment, if any of these apply, you should enroll:

  • You love doing your own nails, and may be interested in doing others also someday
  • You’re doing press-ons and are thinking about getting licensed to go pro
  • You have a secure job or career but you feel unfulfilled and the thought of doing nails professionally is oh-so! alluring
  • You’re already doing nails at a salon but would love to go solo and need a roadmap to transition successfully
  • You’re already in your own space as an independent nail stylist but would love assurance that you will get consistent bookings to pay your overhead
  • You’re up to capacity doing nails and want to know what are your next steps for passive income that do not require you to be present at your desk
  • You’re already enrolled in the MGN course but would like to go solo as a nail tech and/or increase your bookings
  • You have been meaning to enroll into MGN, but really wish it had a “how to grow your clientele” component to it
  • You want to learn how to make affiliate commissions successfully!

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