Shape Your Structure Overlays Like This For Long Wear

Shape your overlays AFTER applying your structure gel product. Here’s why…

First, in order for this to work however…
a. You have to be working with nails that have some length to them, and
b. Working with products that are at least semi-hard in rigidity, not soft in their texture (like gel polish, and other thinner viscosity soft gels), and
c. You must use a 180g board file (not emery board), as the sturdiness of a board file will help you achieve crisp shapes.

So once you have this squared, this is why it is beneficial for you to file the shape of the nail after you applied your structure or builder gel product.

1. You would thicken the distal edge of the free-edge, reinforcing it from chipping and lifting as a result.
2. Filing with your board file at an angle will tuck the natural nail behind the product, hiding it away from impact that may lead to splitting that may happen from the natural nail and product finishing directly over each other (for square nails, use a barrel bit to shave/tuck the natural behind.
3. You would not be shaping the nail service twice- once during prep and again after your overlay. During your prep, give nails a general shape and proceed to your overlay, and after shape the nails into perfection. You would also notice you shaved somewhere in the vicinity of 10 minutes during your service time!

If you want to see this technique explained, when you’re ready hit play.

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