Huge Nail Haul Japanese Gel New Releases, Efile Mani, & Skin Tools!

Fun Spring hues along with metallic gel galore, chic efile implements- all of that and more in today’s huge nail haul. 

Welcome to the Spring Season with this huge nail haul of the latest releases  from my favorite high-end gel nail brands and efile mani supplies.

And also, check out these glasses, which I forgot to include, but look! They’re tortoise goggles to protect your eyes from dust and flying particles during removals.

Alright, unlike other beauty hauls I fill our time together unpacking, previewing, and reviewing the latest releases of cutting edge nail technology!

Many if not all the brands featured are brands with whom I had a relationship with for many years and that I also have used myself for that long.

Disclosure: Many of the items were gifted to me, and some I ordered myself.

In today’s haul we have Leafgel’s latest top coats, Kokoist’s latest in 3D and magnetic gels, the just-about-to release Nail Thoughts by Kokoist color collection, and trusted efile bits from Melodysusie, where I got a little experimental and tried some new facial gadgets.

You’re in for a treat, when you’re ready hit play!

Items mentioned in this video are listed below:


🔺Nail Thoughts Certification Course

🔺Carbide vs Ceramic Video

🔺4 Favorite Efile Bits Source:


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Japanese Gel Certification Waitlists:




Let’s start withLeafgel

Leafgel is a Japanese Gel Nail brand distributed in North America by the distributor Zillabeau in New Jersey.

EEk! I’m super excited to try these two new products by Leafgel.

They are their latest two new bottled top coats. 

Brilliant and Powder Block

Let’s break them down.

Brilliant is a Non-wipe hard top gel designed to finish the nails with strength and stability due to its hard gel finish. It is a true hard gel, and as such it will not soak-off, so make sure to file it off completely if you will be doing a soak-off removal.

It feels just a tad thinner than its potted gel counterpart, and I would say it is just as strong. Therefore the application vessel will be up to you to decide. Do you want it in a pot or bottled form?

Use it to give nails strength, and also to encapsulate nail art.

Please, please keep in mind that when your gel already has viscosity, you do not have to make it any thicker than its viscosity level already gives to you.

Next up, Powder Block.

So stoked about this release.

So if you enjoy chrome blocking this will be your go to. Very often artists use a non-wipe matte top gel before getting into their chrome design over the gel nails. The matte top is used to keep chrome powder from attaching anywhere else other than the intended design. 

I’ve already tried this and can tell you that, Yes. It does exactly that without any powder sticking on it.

This type of gel innovation excites me so-so much. I love it when companies create unique products and when they simplify a process.

By the way guys, I’m not sure if Leafgel is going to be switching all of their top gels in bottles over to these gray bottles but I hope they do because they feel super lux!

The next items in our Leafgel haul are 4 magnet gels from their latest Silky Collection.

They seem to have a white-silvery magnet powder that retains each gel true to their original color. Meaning you won’t see different colors shifting when you move your fingers around other than the base gel color and silverish magnet particles.

With these, not only do the colors look silky, but the formulation also feels high quality and silky.

The bottles also feel next level, especially compared to what they started with.

Good work Leafgel!

Now as you may already know, Leafgel is distributed by Zillabeau and I don’t know about you, but when I am at Zillabeau it’s hard to leave with just the things you went in for… kind of like the supermarket right?

So I grabbed this little interesting two-piece magnet. I haven’t quite found out exactly how to work it but the circular beam seems to push the magnets fast in creating a “beam effect” hence the name. And this smile shaped one seems to do a similar effect but all in one just motion, vs swinging the circular beam back and forth.

And that was my Leafgel/Zillabeau hall when shopping at their site you can support our channel and keeping these nail hauls coming by using our affiliate code PPN10. Truly appreciate it.



Now let’s get into our haul from Kokoist 

Kokoist! Another Japanese gel nail brand manufacturing their products from scratch in Japan, They are distributed by their own Kokoist USA Headquarters in Texas.

Let’s start on the same subject about magnet gels.

Magnet gels seem to be very popular on social media. But social media is OFTEN not a true depiction of what’s really happening in real life, and so I’m curious. I want to know, and you can let me know in the comments section below, are CLIENTS as equally excited about magnet gels as all of these distributors? Is this a very popular booking for you right now?

I personally since they became kind of popular in 2020 have not been crazy about them, but that’s just me. It seems like Korean brands really took off with it, and it also seems like at the last Tokyo Nail Expo every brand brought their magnet gel game on strong.

I personally get super thrilled about releases with foundation gels like base, builder, and top coats.

Alright so we have 7 new magnet gels from Kokoist, just released. These are similar in the effect with Leafgel’s Space Opera Silky, the base gel color stays the same and it only shifts to the magnet pigment.

Which is your favorite? Mine is 22 Apricot Satin.



The next latest from Kokoist is the black and white versions of their Accessory Bond is a thicker viscosity gel in between thicknesses of their Marker’s Line and Boba Gel Products.

Accessory Bond is used to adhere crystals and create raised designs. It has a bit of self-leveling capability allowing it to have a smooth surface. You can use any of the three choices now available for adhering embellishments, or to create your raised pieces and burnish them with your choice of chrome powder.


Lastly, I stocked up on more of these 200 grit peelable files, along with an additional metal base. I know a lot of people do not care for files but they are actually so important.

Using the appropriate allows you to finish file nails crisp and even and often with very little effort.

This 200 grit allows you to gently and efficiently file natural nails and also finish file the enhancement ever so gently after the top coat. Whether that’s for detaching side walls from skin or tidying up tiny imperfections in your final shape.

I had to get a second base as I wanted it to be thin so that I could glide the file in between the nail groove, the area between the free-edge and lateral nail fold.


Ok! Time for our Nail Thoughts haul!

Nail Thoughts is the bottled gel line of Kokoist, and its colors and marketing is curated by the nail artist Katie Masters whose brand name is Nail Thoughts.

So let’s start with what I restocked before we get into the new-new.

And before we do that, I want to let you know that there is now an official Nail Thoughts Certification Course. I’m hosting mine online, and the first run or two I will host LIVE, enrollment is currently open for the first class happening April 9th.

You can review the details or enroll using the link below.

Alright, si the colors I restocked on are:

#1 Fresh Sheets

#6 Rose Quartz

#7 Spritzer

#11 Isla Vista and

#12 Tortoise Shell

Next up! The soon to be released, and by soon I mean tomorrow, Volume 5 A Day Off Collection.

This collection is a set of 12 colors that have a combination of Spring and Summery hues. From glassy colors, to glowy pearls, to a super vibrant sparkly pink red.

This is how Katie narrates the collection starting with the yellow:

“Starting off the morning w some Pickleball maybe mobile order some tea, maybe some online shopping, chores, journaling, then you’re like what time is it?

Then just spend the rest of the day in bed watching tv day dreaming. But then you’re like I should go out and do something! Then you get dressed up only to be like where am I going”

Which will be the favorite from this collection, hmmm definitely “dressed up for what?”, but my second choice then would be “daydreamer”. 

Alright next up we have our haul from Vetro.

Vetro, another high end brand manufacturing their products from scratch in Japan and distributed in North America by independent distributors both in Canada and the US.

And all I got for you in this haul are colors. Colors, colors, colors.

In not one, not two, not three, but 6 color collections. My guess is that they went hard over their releases last November for the last Tokyo Nail Expo.

First up the Momo Collection

Momo in Japanese means “peach” and my guess is that this particular collection is supposed to capture all the different blushing tones in a ripe peach. The 6 shades are supposed to be very complimentary to skin tones. Here are the 6 shades.


We now have the Bijou Mag Collection

This is a collection of 8 magnet gels.

Bijou is a French word that means something along the lines of an “intricate jewelry piece”

And each one of these gels has the name of a mineral. So if you couple this with the word Bijou and the magnetic effect of the gel you’ll see each having the resemblance of a natural stone glistering and glowing in different lights just like a gem or mineral stone.


The third collection I have from Vetro is the Villains Collection

This is a collection of 4 magnetic gel colors. And you can think of this collection as the dark side of mag gels. Literally and figuratively. These do color shift so though their base color will start as green, purple, blue, or red you will see a variation of tones before and after magnetizing the gel.


Making progress here. We are now on the Wanghong collection.

According to my quick research on the internet,Wanghong is a Chinese word that means “internet celebrity”. And I mean they really do look fashion forward once all displayed. This one is a keeper. Just when I thought I was getting over magnet gel, I think this might be my favorite of all time.


Next Vetro Collection- Wet Gloss Quartz.

Just its name makes me think this is going to be a good one.

So the Wet Gloss Quartz collection consists of 8 colors.


You won’t see it very pronounced on camera or even in person but each one of these colors has a glowing pigment kind or purpley that adds to its high luster look and quartzy appearance but really the best way I can explain the effect is as a moonstone effect.

This collection was apparently a color collaboration with the Japanese artist Hanako (@itohanako) And I just peeped her portfolio of work on IG, it is absolutely outstanding.

Super unique, super pretty collection. These are the types of color releases that excite me, ones that are unique and soft with subtle effects.

They feel special and like you really can’t find anything like it anywhere else.

Ooh-weeh! We’re here! Our last Vetro Collection is the Wet Gloss Sugar Opal Collection.

Soo just found out that this collection was also a collaboration with the same artist we talked about earlier. And these have a bit of a glowing effect also, but also a tiny bit of silver glitter in them.

Cool cool.

Although Opals are my favorite gemstone, I think between these last two collections the previous Quartz collection was it for me. Which is your favorite? You can let me know down in the comments section.

Photo: Photo:

Oh my gosh we are at the bottom of this haul! But nonetheless these are still super special items. Coming up.

Let’s switch gears now to our efiling haul along with… What do you know some skin gadgets.

So I have four companies where I like to get my efile bits from, and today I’m featuring products from one of them, Melodysusie. Melodysusie headquarters are in San Francisco and their manufacturing is done in China, and seriously guys they manufacture high quality stuff. I’ve bought from them for many years and I wouldn’t do so and share with you if I didn’t like or trusted their quality.

Today I stocked up on my efile bits, but they also treated me to some brushes, and then I splurged on some skin gadgets.

As some of you already know I really enjoy working with ceramic bits for removals.

Ceramic bits are lighter, corrosion resistant, and heat up less than metal. But sometimes when reducing bulk you may want something super heavy duty and teethy without looking too mean and scary which both carbide and ceramic can look when you jump to a coarse grit.

And so I got this Carbide Tornado bit that’s coated in some sort of purple dye.

I haven’t worked with something like this in years and just wanted to reconnect with it for bigger removal jobs… which are far and few for me.

I would only use this obviously for debulking and shortening enhancements, especially full covers.

Now if you haven’t already check out my comparison video on carbide vs ceramic to learn about the slight differences between these two comparable and very strong efile bit materials.

Ok. Now I’m super excited to try these little skinny sanding bands. I’ve seen them on Melodysusie’s site for a while, and a community member has been using them for a while also, so now I’m super curious.

No you may know that I am super hesitant about using a sanding band on natural nails, so when I do give these a try and if you do too, whether you are trained in efile or not, you want to tickle the surface only… when using sanding bands . All you want to do when prepping with a sanding band is to create texture. You do not want to remove nail layers or you will make the natural nails thin and flexible. I’ll keep you posted on these, but I’m excited.

Since I was ordering from Melodysusie and they only offer the ceramics I use in kits, I got this one that had my medium ceramic barrel bit and fine flame or cone shaped ceramic- my go-tos for rebalancing. 

Photo: Melodysusie

And how about this super cute bit cleaner, with metal and plastic bristles. As you rotate your bit the dust particles get trapped in there, not in your breathing zone. I personally only use the metal side when the product is stuck in my removal bits or very gently on my diamond bits to remove any last bit of skin cells left behind.

Alright, now for some unexpected finds. 

I got this super cute silicone cleaning brush. If you’ve ever used a silicone mat to clean your makeup brushes you would have seen how the material just pulls makeup out of the brush.  Likewise this silicone brush is supposed to extract dirt and makeup from your pores.


It was a random buy, but I honestly had been very happy using this other facial tool from them. Whenever I have a breakout and I extract it, I use this tool on the cold setting and it just closes the pore so impressively quick, allowing it to heal w/o infection. Soo impressed. And seriously my only regret is often forgetting I have it, and not using it often.

I’ve only used this silicone brush once, I do own a Clarisonic and wanted to try something different after many many years of use and switching heads. I’ll keep you posted.

Ok, I then bought another gadget. If I wasn’t impressed with the one I already owned honestly I would have never bothered with the paw brush or even this thing, but I thought, if this is so underrated and so good, maybe I’m missing out on these other gadgets.

Now if you’re a regular here. You know I struggle hard keeping my pointer finger from lifting, and I used to firmly believe it was because I typed with it more than I caught myself doing so, and actually, now I want to admit that it has to do more with me extracting any blackheads from my face. Oops.

Well according to some of the infographics of this tool. I won’t have to really do that too much on my own anymore. This tool is essentially a gentle scraper to push out blackheads and impurities from the skin. I’ll keep you posted on it also.

Guys and girls this is it, my entire Spring nail haul, like oh dear. That was a lot!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it.

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