DIY Beginner Friendly Products Among Japanese Gel Nail Brands

So you know our niche… or do you?

We enjoy discussing Japanese gel or soft potted gel systems in this channel. And we really do love teaching you all about them.

So! In today’s episode, we’ll take you through our favorite DIY Friendly Gel Nail Products Within Japanese Gel Nail Systems. Let’s begin!

Alright, let’s dive in.

Three of our favorite soft potted gel brands are Kokoist, Leafgel, and Vetro. And guess what!? Even though they are professional soft-potted gel formulas, all three create beginner-friendly brands.

Let’s start with Kokoist

Bonding Duo in a bottle at a 2-in-one product, unique to Kokoist. According to Kokoist, “this base gel adds strength to the nail, and it’s considered a semi-hard consistency. Due to its formulation is best used in a thicker application to add volume to the nail.”

In other words, when you are starting, you might not be used to the pots system yet, but you can start getting used to the consistency of the gels with a brush-on bottle. This is excellent if you want to structure natural nails, do rebalances, or even create tiny extensions. If you are interested in the “extension hack,” I have a full tutorial for you HERE; definitely check it out after this reading. 

Nail Thoughts Products

This line of products by nail artists Katie Masters and Kokoist feels fully rounded and beginner-friendly. It has a top coat, builder base (including color builder bases), popular/trendy color shades, and brushes; a squoval application brush, a liner, and a “smoosh” brush. You could do all your nail work using these products only if you want to. 

All the gels in this collection are offered in brush-on bottles. They recently launched the builder base formula in pots for us pot users. Again, you can start with the bottles since they are easy to use, and the consistency of the gel is almost identical to the pots. A tiny bit thicker since they need to make bottled gel runnier to get it out of the bottle. So once you get used to it, you can totally join the gel-in-pots crew! 

Secondly Leafgel

Also super beginner friendly.

Let’s talk about their unique product, Training Base Gel.

Leafgel offers this medium viscosity base gel for practicing on yourself, for clients who often soak-off or want short-term damage-free wear.

This base is a great place to start if you want to work with gels in a pot from the beginning. It’s a little thinner viscosity than most base gels, but you still get to try and practice gel control with this base, and if you mess up, no worries! Super easy to take off ;). 

But that’s not all. Leafgel also offers a polish-type product line.

Brush-on bottles are offered for convenience and fast application, so you don’t have to grab a separate brush every time for every color. Their polish-type line offers 20 colors, not a lot, but effective color choices. 

They also offer the Lily Gel line, created for ease of you and especially affordable for entry-level soft-potted gel users.

Thirdly Vetro… 

We’ll start with Base Max. It is sanding-free, allowing for easy soak-off. For beginners and Diy’ers, this is especially important as you don’t want to aggressively remove the product, and a sanding-free base helps.

Also, Vetro offers the “Black Line” bottled line of gel. Bottle gel will always be considered beginner-friendly as we’ve learned to paint our nails out of a bottle since we were five years old.

The Black Line offers one gel base and 4 top gels. Here’s how those differ:

  • Non-Wipe Top Gel: Black Line’s High-Shine Non-Wipe Top Gel. 
  • New Enne Non-wipe Top: In the Black Line bottle for a quick and easy application. This top coat claims more shine and stays shiny longer than the regular Non-wipe top. “Like watery eyes.”
  • V-Matte: Matte Top Gel Add a frosty effect to the nail. It is more of a satin finish compared to the Non-Wipe Feather Top.
  • V-NFT: Non-Wipe true matte Top Gel. This new addition top gel offers a true matte finish that is super smooth to touch.

So there you have it, our favorite Japanese Gel Nail products and their most beginner-friendly gel options.

If you’re a beginner, I hope this information has guided you to some concrete decisions as to where to start regarding nail products.

Grab my Japanese Gel Nail Guide here for an even more detailed comparison.

Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next week. Bye for now.


Content by Paola Ponce and Fabiola Saucedo

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