Dust Collectors Anemone (PRO) vs MelodySusie (DIY)

Dust Collectors, they are a non-negotiable at the nail table. I mean it, doesn’t matter if you’re DIY or PRO.

In today’s video we’ll be doing a side by side comparison of the Anemone Portable dust collector, and the new MelodySusie w/ the efile handpiece attachment.

So here are our 2 key players today, again the Anemone Portable Dust Collector and the New MelodySusie with an efile handpiece attachment.

A few things you should know before we get started…

The Anemone I purchased with my educator discount, and the MelodySusie was sent to me for a fair and honest review, and I thought what better way to do this and serve you than to compare it side by side to a super professional grade machine like the Anemone. 

Melody Susie, is an American founded brand, whose mission is to provide the highest quality yet affordable salon-grade products to the at home/DIY user.

Anemone is a Korean brand currently being distributed here in the U.S. by Zillabeau who also happens to be the distributor of one of my favorite Japanese gels, and that is Leafgel.

So, let’s unbox these babies.

Wow.. wow, both machines are stunning. They look super elegant.

I really like the sleekness of the Anemone and the chic-ness of the MelodySusie.

It’s almost like you can choose one or the other just based on your personality.

But let’s dive into their specs.

The anemone measures approximately 10”long  x 8” wide & 2.5 inches tall.

It weighs a little over 3 lbs.

It comes with 50 high quality one to two-time use filters, and these also sell separately.

A 50 pack costs you $19.

The MelodySusie is approximately 10×10” and also is about 2.5” tall.

It weighs a little less than 2.5lbs and that is with the attached efile handpiece.

And you should know that this handpiece is optional, they do offer the option of just the dust collector unit.

The MelodySusie comes with one filter that should be replaced every 3-4 months depending on usage.

And they do sell a 2-pack option for just $11.

Each machine has a one key convenience factor…

The Anemone has the option for you to go cordless.

The MelodySusie has the convenience of attaching their e-file hand piece to the dust collector.

Other than that these machines specifications are pretty similar. About the same size, about the same weight.

As far as power goes, I’ve been using both for a few months now, and I can tell you that both collect a significant amount of dust away from your breathing zone.

As with any dust capturing unit the closer you can work to the unit, the better capture there will be. So especially make sure that when you are hand-filing away, that you do not stray away too far from your collector.

So, I want to let you hear now how loud these machines can sound. They are relatively quieter than the first versions of dust collectors, but just like you’ve never met a silent floor vacuum or blow dryer, you’ll probably never be able to get rid of the noise fully with these dust collectors.

So let’s listen now.

Not too bad right??

Alright now let’s see the power of the dust suction of each.

Not bad at all either, right?? What do you think? 

Now we haven’t covered the price for each, so let’s do that now.

The Anemone retails on Zillabeau for $370

The MelodySusie retails for $129.99 with the hand-piece attachment.

If you want to shop the Anemone Dust Collector, Leafgel, or hot trendy Korean Gel Nail items I highly recommend Zillabeau as your one-stop shop for all of these. You can save and support my work by using affiliate code PPN10.

Now just my personal word on these collectors.

The MelodySusie stays true to their brand purpose. Their filter is not one time use, which I think is detrimental for salon work, so I think that this unit is excellent for at-home, DIY use, BUT I am seriously blown away by its look and quality.

The Anemone is what I would go for for salon use. It just has that warranty period, single-use filters, and power for continuous usage. It is available for anyone that wants it though even if you’re not a nail pro.

Just a word of caution with the Anemone, every time is in-stock it quickly sells out. Sorry for the FOMO. Pre-order it now at zillabeau.com, don’t forget to support with my affiliate discount code PPN10.

8 thoughts on “Dust Collectors Anemone (PRO) vs MelodySusie (DIY)”

    1. It is such a splurge, but worth it it seems! Just has to stand the test of time in regards to battery life!

        1. So! I actually don’t work back to back with clients anymore, so I have not put it to the test in that way. However, I’ve left it unplugged for at least 3 days, and have turned it on full power after that w/o it ever shutting down on me. I asked a nail friend who currently does work back to back with it, awaiting response…

    1. Today… Anemone. Powerful. Light. Sleek… and most importantly now, single use filters.

  1. Hi Paola! This is very interesting! I bought your master course and i am learning alot!!

    I am from Brazil, and the anemone dust collector caught my attention, but since i live in Brazil, there is a replacement filter i can use? Unfortunately these sheets of filters are sold only in the US.

    1. Hi there! Yes, the Anemone dust collector is the best dust collector out of all I tried. It is so powerful for how light it is. If you google Zephyros, they have disposable sheets (they look like disposable face masks, that kind of material).

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